Mwana Mission Project 2011 travel blog

Breakfast at Dedza Lodge included raw oatmeal for Jan-be careful what you wish for and think you’re explaining correctly to the waiter. We also purchased some world-famous Dedza pottery for resale in the States before beginning the long trek back to Blantyre. Along the 6 hour trip we stopped at a convenience store/rest area and had a rocket balloon show and toy giveaway to the delight of a group of passing students on their way home from school. Further down the road we stopped at a roadside market and bought a van full of produce that would have put Rouses to shame, but which would probably be our sustenance for the last 4 days.

We finally arrived in Blantyre at the AOG guesthouse around 4:30 pm, only to find it was packed with a bunch of people who had just finished some sort of tent revival meeting in the yard. Our reserved rooms were also still occupied and the air was filled with a feeling of frenzy, so we opted to stay the night at the Shire Highlands Hotel in downtown Blantyre.

You would think we would have a quiet dinner and retire for the evening but once again, the story never ends that easy in Africa. At the restaurant, we wanted to order fish but were told that fish wouldn’t be available tonight because no one had come back from the store yet. Heidi then ordered a garden salad for an entrée, but was told 20 minutes later that there was no lettuce, so it was vegetable pie instead. I myself will not take any type of boneless meat for granted ever again. When we returned to the room we found out that the bathroom had no electrical outlet, shower curtain or lock on the door. When we realized there was also no hot water, the front desk informed us we had to let the shower run for 10-15 minutes before any hot water would be available because the “geyser” was very far away from the building. (Let your imaginations run wild with that one) I believe we are now fully prepared for tribal life on a daily basis.

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