London and Kuwait June 2011 travel blog

A little hair of the dog that bit us!





Beginning of the dust storm

Well, after our late night, we didn't quite make our 10 am goal. But we were packed and on the road by 11. The beach villa is also on the Arabian Gulf (it is not PC to call it the Persian Gulf). There are lots of toys: wind surfers, jet skis, hobie cats, etc. We were pretty much in the go in the water, then sit and read mode. If you think the sand is hot in the summer in Pensacola or Sarasota, think about walking on sand baking in the 120 degree sun!! I figured out it was wise to wear your shoes almost to the water line! Jimmy was there. Also Sofia and her friend, Imogen. We had a nice, relaxing day. Then someone on the beach told us that there was a dust storm coming. We hurriedly packed up and headed back to Kuwait City.

We had a nice dinner and watched some of the US Open which came on at 9 pm!!

Everyone was pretty tired after our late night out partying and then a day in the sun.

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