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'Almost' s a sunset behind a cloud bank.

Front of the head office of the fire department in Duanzhou district,...

Front of Friend Dental Clinic.

I always referred to him as Mr Hayashi, and tonight I found...

Andy Hu and Mr Hayashi. He is back in Zhaoqing, and starting...

Today was the start of the exams for the first year students. It was sooooo hot. 33 today. And of course, the temperature is just the beginning. The humidity is what is the worst.

I managed to get through 29 of the students, so that will just leave 22 for Friday, and I will be finally finished, with them all. I did stay for about an extra half an hour to get through more of the exams.

As arranged, when I got on the bus to town, I called Blue Sky. Lucky that I did, because he had forgotten our plan, to meet and go to the dentist. Anyway, I got there first, and did not have a very long wait for him, and then we went into the Friend Dental Clinic. We had quite a long wait, between talking to the receptioniste, and waiting for differing dentists to come and see me.

First solution to new teeth that they suggested was to get implanted teeth into the front of my bottom jaw, and then a denture to clip on to it, for the back teeth. But when they eventually came back with a price, it was going to be around 100,000 rmb. So the money excluded any hope of this treatment, but even more was the fact that it would take about six months to get done, and completed. I do not have that much time, and was not prepared to be out and about with no bottom teeth for all that time!!

They did not seem to be very interested in simply making a new set of dentures, so after nearly two hours, we left, and walked around to the Hayashi Cafe for dinner. We were both starving by then!!

It was very nice to see Mr Hayashi at the restaurant, and he told us that he is now working back in Zhaoqing, so will be at the restaurant every evening. His English has even improved quite a lot, so it was nice to see him, and to be able to chat with him.

As it was already late, we decided against getting a bus back, and got a taxi instead. When it got to the college, I gave Blue Sky extra money, and let him stay in the taxi to get him back to the factory.

I had not been home long, when I had a message from him, to say that he was safely home. He has started doing that. It is good, to know that he is back safely, as quite often he is on the back of a motorbike. I think this might have started since Julie's accident.

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