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Malaysia Trip

Our room, overlookign the Indian Ocean

Batik Art

Local Fruits

Snake Temple

They said if you have faith it won't bite us. I live...


Penang Skyline

A houseboat - after the 2004 Tsunami

Banana Boating on Indian Ocean

Then I jet-skied

And Ruby flew high

We went to temples...

with lots of tortoises

and gaint gold statues

Then we landed in KL

Went to Batu caves

Saw the twin towers

Rode some elephants

Met some lady-boys

KL: View from Petrona Twin Towers


Last Night


The girls - one last meal in KL

Flight home

Ah Malaysia! My first taste of freedom and experiencing the joy of escaping. You know what it is about being in different countries? You can be whoever you want to be. You don't have to happy or funny or friendly just to be free, plus the shopping, food and friendly people help too. I loved it. South-East Asia is such a blend of gorgeous climate, and locations, and the food - the food (excuse me having a 'When Harry met Sally' moment) Of course I had misadventures - Malaysia is the place where I:

- nearly got kidnapped in a cab.

- had a screaming fight with my friends in a packed night-market.

- ate my body-weight in ice-creams.

- jet-skied amongst jelly-fishes.

- fell in love with monkeys.

- learned to bargain.

- rode an elephant ( I always loved elephants so I didn't have to fall in love with them in Malaysia - but it reaffirmed my love for them).

- stared in a Canadian documentary (I do wonder where it is and if I am famous in Canada?) - stole muffins and pastries from my hotel (I couldn't eat it at breakfast so technically I was recycling)

Malaysia is the place where the travel bug bit me and laid eggs and now those eggs have hatched and traveling has occupied every vein in my body (Yes, slightly gross)

Must see rating: 5/5 esp the Elephant Conservatory in Lauchong, Mainland.

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