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When I first came to Playa del Carmen I certainly felt that this city was quite different then all of the other cities that I have seen to date in Mexico. This is a tourist town as a large portion of the town seems geared towards tourism. Also, many places sell things in both pesos and USD and almost everyone seems to know English which is different from most places in Mexico. I've spent a few days here now and I can certainly understand why so many people visit Playa. It is very scenic and has many types of activities for all types of people. I did two major things while I was here. I first when snorkelling and saw Whale Sharks which was easily one of the highlights of my trip so far. It took about half of the day in order to go out and see these huge whales but it was well worth it. I didn't end up taking pictures personally but my friend Christine brought her waterproof camera and I was able to copy pictures and videos of my experience and put it up on my image gallery. The pictures and videos can be found here.

The next day I ended up going to Tulum by bus and went to the ruins. They were quite nice but the weather wasn't ideal so I didn't bother trying to go swimming or snorkelling as there was high winds and a fair bit of rain and clouds. Regardless, I believe I took some pretty interesting photos. Photos of the Tulum ruins can be found here.

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