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Dauphin Island Campground

Another tough day on the beach!

The view from our chairs.

Made us think twice about swimming.

Eileen chased this yellow butterfly around to snap a shot for her...

The oil rigs in view made us feel a bit...

Fishing is the thing to do here!

Viewing platform in the Audubon Sanctuary

Mobile offered some pretty desperate-looking areas along with some beautiful neighborhoods

Our GPS view as we drove along this narrow spit of land...

Oh, what a find this place was! Although we've traveled through Alabama, we'd never had the pleasure of staying along the Gulf Coast. We loved this area. Although the recent Gulf oil spill had left us concerned for our visit, we felt absolutely comfortable enjoying the beautiful stretches of beach, the water, and (for Eileen) the most scrumptious shrimp ever! Our campground neighbor instantly befriended us and before we left brought over some shrimp salad (which Eileen enjoyed) and some poppyseed cake (Don's treat.) She shared her story of losing her husband at a young age, her son in Katrina, and most recently her house to a fire.

Although we enjoyed the relative quiet of the area, we felt sad for the lack of tourists who were understandably reticent to travel here. We wished that they hadn't given up on it.

The campground was very "campy" with lots of boats and fishing gear. Serious fishing here!

Adjacent to the campground is an Audubon Bird Sanctuary which we enjoyed walking through. To have the woods right up along the beach was again a wonderfully pleasant experience. A short trail through the woods brought us to a spectacular stretch of beach.

We enjoyed long walks and reading on the beach.

We took a ride over to Mobile to see the city, which seemed so quiet to us even in the midst of a busy work day. It was so quiet that Eileen drove 3/4 of the way down a one-way street before we realized what she had done!

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