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Driving to Cannes, we often stopped to take a look at the...

This cove is a good example of the many beautiful blue niches...

And the ice cream boat even pulls up to the little cove...

Red rock cliffs were also part of the scenery in our drive...

Impressive yacht in the Cannes harbor

View of the seafront in Cannes

Jill poses with one of the striking candy wrapper statues

There is a lot of money In Cannes. Even the carousel has...

View of the Cannes beachfront

Lovely streets are filled wth many upscale shops in Cannes

Another view of Cannes - La Croisette avenue and promenade extends for...

Jose poses with the tourist train we took around Cannes

Town Hall with jacaranda tree and another interesting candy wrapper sculpture

And here is Jose with the USA candy wrapper statue

Another statue in front of famous Carlton Hotel

Beachside restaurants with their umbrellas and sundecks along the Cannes promenade

And another colorful candy wrapper statue

Another sundeck and boats in the Cannes bay

We had a wonderful dinner with great ambiance at Indian restaurant in...

Waterfront views in Cap d'Antibes

Another view in Cap d'Antibes

One of the small beaches in Cap d'Antibes

Looking at town of Antibes from the shores of Cap d'Antibes

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Drive to Cannes

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View in Cap D'Antibes

The next day we drove to Cannes, stopping along the way to marvel at the little coves and seaside vistas along the coast. At every curve in the road were magnificent vistas, turquoise water, and lots of little niches to take a dip in the sea.

Once in Cannes, we parked in town and strolled along the expansive La Croisette. This wide boulevard runs for 3 kilometers along the bay in Cannes with sun seekers enjoying the beach and more upscale sundecks along the water. Opposite the beach, the other side of La Croisette avenue is lined with luxury hotels, boutiques and cafes.

We also took a little train tour around town to see some of the highlights. Best known for its international film festival, Cannes is a beautiful and affluent city with many attractive streets and niches to explore.

Around town were little statues each in the shape of a candy wrappers in the colors and emblems of various countries. We managed to pose for pictures with a few of these eye-catching decorations as we walked along.

There are actually 55 of these statues being exhibited in Cannes, to decorate the town for the G20 summit taking place in November 2011. Each sweet is painted with the flag of the nations that make up the G20, the European Union, and other countries invited to the conference.

From Cannes we drove a bit further and stopped for the night in Antibes. We stayed in a municipal lot within an easy walk of a great Indian restaurant, where we had a delicious meal.

The following morning we drove down to Cap D'Antibe, where we found a beachside parking lot that seemed to allow overnight campers. We took a brief walk near the beach and drove the rest of the way around Cap D'Antibe before heading toward Nice.

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