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So, I meant to get a haircut before I left to come to the Philippines, but it somehow never materialized into more than an idea. So, I've been getting shaggier and shaggier the whole time I've been in Asia. The hair I can deal with. I mean, honestly, there isn't that much hair to worry about. But the facial hair is another matter entirely. I usually keep the beard trimmed pretty short, but didn't bring any clippers with me. As the hair on my lip gets longer and starts to curl into my mouth . . . well, it gets pretty nasty. And I can't seem to help myself from playing with the hair on my chin all the time. It was definitely time for a trim.

Who knew? In the Philippines you can get a haircut for about 100 pesos (a little over $2). For 250 pesos, a barber at the mall scissor cut my hair, trimmed my mustache, ran the clippers over my entire face, and even gave me a shoulder rub. I was never sure he really understood what I wanted him to do. His English was a little suspect. I wasn't at all sure I wouldn't walk out of his chair with my head and chin shaved, but I decided I didn't really care.

I've decided to just get all of my haircuts in the Philippines. It may be a bit of a commute, but the price is great!

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