Jack, Beth, Ava and Brooke's RV Trip to Alaska 2011 travel blog

Northern Rockies at Muncho Lake

Northern Rockies

Dessert at the lodge


Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

The girls made a "collection" of odds and ends :)

Running to Muncho Lake

We're not alone!

Playground at Muncho Lake

Playground at Muncho Lake

Say "Muncho"!


Leaving Muncho, hoping for buffalo

Beautiful river next to the road

BUFFALO! He was amazing.


The long and winding road... you can see the ding in the...

Going to Watson Lake

Traffic backup for construction

Going over a bridge, not sure which river that was!

Descending in to the fog bank

We're in Yukon Territory!

The roads were so dusty!

Watson Lake

Downtown Watson Lake

Playground down the street from the campground

Our site


Our site

When we woke up this morning I felt we needed a slow day. We've been pushing ourselves and the kids to drive 400+ miles a day, so we took our time this morning and left just after 9am. Up the Alaska Highway we went, hoping to see a herd of buffalo. So many people said the buffalo like to play in the road. Just before 10am Ava asked when we'd see some buffalo. At her request we came upon a lone buffalo grazing by the side of the road. What a large and powerful animal! We got out for a quick peek and photo shoot.

We encountered some road construction and had to stop for about 15 minutes. Once we started going again we found the roads to be gravel in spots. More like dust and stones. An 18-wheeler came at us going 60ish and kicked up a rock into the windshield. Ten minutes later a car passed us and threw another stone up. Crack! By the end of it all we had three circular dings in the windshield.

We met some nice folks from Ohio yesterday at Northern Rockies. As we chatted with Sally and Jim, we discovered Sally lived in Bridgewater for 25 years. Small world. They are headed to Alaska also and are staying at the same campground tonight. It's nice to have friends on the road!

A rain storm just came through, at least the girls got about 20 minutes on the playground. Hopefully we'll have some more time to get out and play outside. They're having a BBQ tonight, buffalo burgers on the menu. I might go for the veggie wrap. :) Jack took Ava to do some food shopping down the street. Brooke and I are cleaning the RV and listening to reggae on Sirius radio. Thank goodness we got that working!

Sorry there's not much to report today! There are some pics from yesterday. We decided to go into the lodge for dessert last night to celebrate my bday. They were ridiculously overpriced, but hey - I'm worth it, right? :) It was a beautiful place, the large logs and carved pieces. We also saw some beautiful mountains and rivers today. And in total we saw four buffalo. I'm still hoping for a large herd!

Thanks again for your messages, it's great to hear how you enjoy the blogs! We should be in Alaska in a few days… I feel we've already seen so many amazing sights I can't imagine what lies ahead!


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