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One thing stands out so far in all our travels, the ubiquitousness of cell phones! In urban areas close to 100% of the populous either own or have easy access to one thru friend or family member if nothing else. I thing even down to the very young aspire to own one eventually. It is the single most sought after non-essential item in the marketplace and I venture to guess w/in 5 years it will become 'essential' even for the rural poor to at least have access to one. Cell phones are revolutionizing communications! Having access/being connected can fundamentally change the ability of a great %age of the world's disadvantaged to improve their economic circumstances.

Much depends upon the apps provided to simplify and guarantee access to low cost loans, marketing tools, etc. Unfortunately, I see too much effort going into miniturizing gaming and techy consumptive apps (bells & whistles) which attract the youth - even those who are quite poor. Maybe we need a school for how to use and benefit from cell phone apps designed to bring more marketplace efficiency to the fore!?

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