Jack, Beth, Ava and Brooke's RV Trip to Alaska 2011 travel blog

Jack and Brooke sharing a bowl of chicken noodle soup

Helping Ava with her workbook

More of the Alaska Highway

Kids playing while driving... car seat? what car seat?

Playing school

Can't really see this - mama and baby bear

Fort Nelson

These black bears were beautiful, and so close!

A little too much time with the markers!

Bighorn on the side of the road

More sheep

Baby caribou?

Could be the old man in the mountain!

Toad River

Toad River

Toad River

Amazing views

Muncho Lake

Northern Rockies Lodge

Northern Rockies

Bighorn herd taking a drink at Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

Our site

From our site to the lake

I got a few early morning texts and phone calls, people not quite used to the time change. We're in the Pacific time zone now, 3 hours behind the east coast. Our sleeping habits are starting to even out a little - to bed at 10pm and up between 6-7am. Although Jack was up at 4am this morning. Thankfully he got back to sleep on the couch until I got up at 6am.

We were on the road at 7:30, headed for Fort Nelson for lunch. We had a great birthday lunch at Boston Pizza, a place I'd been wanting to try since we'd seen the signs out east. I was hoping for a Regina's North End feel, but it was a sit-down place with a Bertucci's-like atmosphere. The food was great, and of course the company superb.

We got back in the RV and headed for Muncho Lake. The first half of the drive along the Alaskan Highway was uneventful but once we got past Fort Nelson the roads started to wind through the Northern Rockies. Twists and turns, hills and valleys, rivers and bridges, beaver damns, a baby caribou, bighorn sheep, moose, and 4 black bear. A lot of very unexpected surprises! The girls entertained themselves by using markers on their faces. True beauties! Thankfully they played well together in the afternoon. I hope to find a nice place with a playground for them tonight! And a good wi-fi connection for us too. The internet connections have been terrible, they're all using satellite so if you have whole campground trying to surf the web it just doesn't work. I sat there forever last night trying to post to the blog.

From what I read some people say Muncho Lake is the most beautiful lake in the world. When we came down into the valley it started raining, the lake looked amazing. The road winds along the edge of the lake, a long and narrow body of water surrounded by mountains. I couldn't get very many good pics.

Thankfully they had room for us at the Northern Rockies Lodge. We got set up during a brief shower and thunder storm, but it has cleared now. I'm sitting inside the lobby on a leather couch… my only birthday wish would be that Shawn would be sitting here with me!!


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