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Colby stayed with us today and helped out a lot.

I finished the required chores for getting ready to hit the road again. Colby helped me by washing the wheels on the truck while I cleaned the windows and windshield.

Marilyn cleaned and sorted things inside the RV and then we all went to Walmart.

Colby helped push the cart around while I selected a few needed items.

Marilyn was off in another part of the store getting the items on her list.

We saw several people we knew at Walmart.

Back at the RV we ate a bite of lunch while watching the movie, “Avatar”.

Colby went off to our bed for his nap and that gave Marilyn & I time to work at the computers for awhile.

Our time is really short as we are leaving bright and early on Sunday morning.

I should mention the high water we have here in Hannibal. The flood gates are back in the levee and water now covers the parking lot at the site of the river boat where we spent some time with friends Carl & Linda and Cathy & Elgin, last Monday.

Water also covers the railroad tracks near the ball park and the street we use to leave town south bound, known as Warren Barrett Road, is closed due to high water.

I mentioned to Marilyn that this is the first time I have had everything on the RV ready to go, two full days before we leave.

Except for a couple of items which go in the back of the truck, we are ready to hook up and head west.

Well, I do have to fuel the truck tomorrow. The price for diesel today was $3.849. Hope I have enough money to make it to Colorado.

Of course we still have those last-minute chores such as dumping the holding tanks and stowing the sewer hose.

We are beginning to miss the little ones already and we haven’t even left!

Tomorrow we expect Jennifer to come in with the grandkids and Saturday we have a wedding reception to attend in Keokuk, Iowa.

Sunday morning we’ll be “On the Road Again”.

Yessiree………..Life is Good!

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