Jack, Beth, Ava and Brooke's RV Trip to Alaska 2011 travel blog

Coming out of Hinton

Starting on the Scenic Route to Alaska!!


Mule deer

The roads were a little scary at first, no shoulder.


Alaska bound!

Dawson Creek, mile "0" on the Alaska Highway

Tubby's... never again!

Muddy Tubby's

Kids doing their exercises

Doin' laundry - at least the laundry area was nice.

It was a boring day compared to yesterday. We only saw two moose and countless mule deer. And just a few hours of spectacular views. :) We started late, it was 9:30 before we fueled up and bought some essentials in Hinton. Then we took the scenic route 40 through the mountains and the towns of Grand Cache and Grand Prairie (population 50,000). The road was scary for the first 100 miles, no breakdown lane or even soft shoulder. I was on the edge of my seat and even gasped a few times. I'm exhausted from the fright of it! Of course we're in good driving hands, so I don't really need to worry. I started driving after lunch and the rain and wind picked up. Once we were to Grand Prairie we put Dawson Creek in the GPS. I was surprised to find it was only 1.5 hrs away - I had doubts we'd make it there today.

Ava stayed in her pjs all day, and Brooke only got out of hers because she spilled water all over herself. It was just that kind of day… a 2+ movie taking a nap and doing laundry sorta day. Brooke worked in her workbook for a few hours on the couch, I think she must be coloring every square inch of it.

We pulled into Tubby's RV Park and Car Wash… quite the place. More like a muddy parking lot - I sure hope it's not an expensive place! The kids are outside jumping around in the puddles as it pours rain. There's no playground and nothing to do except for them to help me with the laundry. Good times!

We watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup and the girls went to bed at their 8pm bedtime for the first time this trip. It was a long afternoon in the motor home! But it was a wonderful night sleep while the rain came pouring down.


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