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Downtown Bedford

Where the Hoffman Hotel was

Service Station on US 30-Lincoln Highway


Wind Farm Highway 30

In 1967 I lived the summer in Bedford, PA with my parents and sister while Tom was on active duty at Fort Knox, KY. I had not been back to Bedford since then. Since Bedford was only 40 miles away we decided to drive over for the day. It was a beautiful drive along US Highway 30.....the Lincoln Highway. We had driven part of this highway last summer as we crossed Nebraska. Once again the road was steep.....some grades 14%! We past sites from the original Highway 30 as well as some new sites such as the Wind Farm....don't think that was there in 1930's. etc!

When we arrived in Bedford I didn't recognize anything. I called my sister, Barbara, and she told me where to look for the site of the Hoffman Hotel. You see, my parents managed this hotel and after they left Bedford it is said the owner burned it down. What a shame as it was a really pretty building. Finally, we went to the visitors center and one of the ladies there knew where it had been and gave us directions. I am sure this was the spot as it still looked like the grounds! We drove around for awhile and had lunch. It was a fun day of remembering another time in our lives.

On another outing we went to the National Historical Site of Johnstown Flood of 1889. In the mountains above Johnstown, in 1889, was a huge lake owned by the rich and famous. This lake was held back by an earthen dam that had been repaired and the damn had be cut down to facilitate a road across it. On this Saturday night eleven inches of rain had fallen on top of a very wet spring. The damn gave way and crashed down the mountain travelling 14 miles in just 45 minutes to Johnstown. Telegraph operators sent messages that the dam had broken but these went unheeded. Over 2200 people died in this disaster and destroyed Johnstown.

If you ever in the area be sure to visit this site. The film is well done....very scary..and the displays are also well done. We could not go down to the dam as it was raining when we were there. However, we did see the club house and some of the cottages for the club members.

Well, as always, it is time to move on down the road. Even with all we saw there was more to see. Of course, we still want to see Fallingwaters. There are two other National Historic Sites.....Friendship House...and Portage Railroad. There is another part of the Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway we did not have time to drive. And of course we want to see the Memorial for Flight 93 when it is complete.

But we are ready to move down the road....Stay tuned to see where we are now. Claudia

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