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Antelope & her twins

Hummingbird (guarding our DirecTV dish)


Mountain Blue Bird

Blue Bird (coming out of nest built in picnic shade structure)

We moved from Cheyenne on the 3rd and are in Glendo, WY. We traveled about 110 miles. All of it was grassland with rolling hills. We washed the 5th wheel before we left. It was filthy after driving in the rain and snow going through Vail. We found out how “big” the thing really is. It sure looks better now.

We got to see many antelope along the freeway, but only one newborn. I would have thought we would have seen many more, but maybe it’s too early yet. We had a little excitement along the way. Before we left Cheyenne, one of the little shock absorbers on our basement storage door came off. I didn’t have time to fix it so we shut it and {locked} it. I guess I didn’t get it latched because Carolyn looked in the mirror and saw it open and flapping in the wind as we were going down the freeway. Luckily we didn’t lose anything.

We decided to stop at Glendo because they have a lake. Little did we know that the town of Glendo only has about 205 residents. I did see a grocery store and 2 bars as we drove through town. The grocery store sells a few groceries, but most of its inventory is fireworks. We are outside of town about ½ mile at a fairly new RV park. The trees are still pretty small. About half of the people staying here have boats with them. We saw trailer after trailer and boat after boat going past our park, down to the lake.

We went to the lake yesterday. It is huge, bigger than Roosevelt Lake. It has walleye, perch and catfish. There are even some cedar and pine trees in places around part of the lake. It was nice to get back in the pine trees. I tried some fishing, but didn’t get any bites. We did get to see antelope, deer, turkey, Canadian geese and white pelicans. We found some really nice state park campgrounds we will have to try out next time. We were wishing we didn’t have our class reunion coming up, we would stay longer. The weather finally is warming up. It was 89 today and is supposed to be 91 tomorrow. We are at 6000’ elevation. With daylight savings time, it doesn’t get dark until 9:00. It makes you want to stay up longer because it’s still light out.

We did get to see an antelope and twin babies. We think they were born today because they were still unsteady on their feet. We took some pictures from the road, but they were still pretty far away. I got out of the truck to go into the ditch and up to the fence line, but as soon as I started into the ditch, the 3 adults started running away and the babies immediately dropped to the ground and curled up so you couldn’t see them in the grass. Carolyn made the comment that it was amazing they learned that so fast. I told her that I think they were born today and I didn’t think this was something they learned, but something God gave to them to protect their species. We are seeing God’s work in so many ways as we are out in nature more. His creation is truly amazing.

There is a railroad track about ½ mile from us and there has been coal trains running the whole time we have been here. They have been running day and night……. going full one way and empty back the other way. They have 100-200 cars in each train. The noise hasn’t bothered us, but I wonder where they are going to and where they are coming from. I am assuming to some sort of power plant.

We went for a walk down by the lake tonight about 8:00pm. It’s flooding right now and the water is supposed to rise every day this month. There is a field across the road from our campsite and the carp are coming into the field to feed and we saw them all over along the waterline. We also got to see a skunk out foraging for food. Carolyn was afraid he was going to come running at us, but he ran away when he saw us. We also saw Canadian geese and the white pelicans. It’s amazing what you see if you get out and look.

We are moving again tomorrow and traveling about 140 miles to Fort Robinson, NE. We will probably spend 4 days there and then go to Rapid City, SD for a week or so. We are looking forward to our stay there as there is so much to see and do. We’ll let you know what we find in Fort Robinson State park.

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