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One week from today we will pull in to the Mountaindale RV Resort near Colorado Springs. We can hardly wait to see the smiling faces of our friends who will be waiting for us.

What is it that calls us to get back on the road?

Most of us who are full-timers seldom ponder that question because we know it all boils down to one word…….Freedom!

That at least is what continues to call us back to the road.

When I was a young man I used to dream about rolling down the highway, with the wind blowing my hair (I had a lot more hair back in those days), and nothing but the open road ahead of me.

Do you readers recall a TV show about two friends traveling in a Corvette? The show was about their adventures as they visited different places along the way and always ended with them headed down the open road again.

The show was called “Route 66” because most, if not all of the episodes, took place as these guys traveled that famous highway from Chicago to L.A.

I promised myself that some day I would experience that sense of freedom.

Growing up frequently gets in the way of realizing those teenage dreams, and responsibilities come along in the form of work, marriage, children, etc.

After working more than 50 years and faced with retirement, I realized that those dreams of living free still smoldered in my soul.

I like to think that writing this journal is a way of fanning into bright burning flames, that smoldering dream of long ago.

Marilyn & I talked about this dream a lot, and I discovered, much to my delight, that she also envisioned this same type of lifestyle.

The difficult part is getting rid of the “stuff” that accumulated over 44 years of marriage.

Once we tackled that hurdle we were past the hardest part and the rest was just small issues associated with totally changing our lifestyle.

So, here we are, nearly five years of living the RV life under our belts, and we are just as excited as when we began. Maybe even more so now, because we have made so many new friends who share this same love of freedom and the full-time life.

When you hear the song, “On the Road Again” sung by Willie Nelson, it pretty much describes how we feel about getting on the road again.

That song must be the unofficial theme song of full-timers everywhere.

We are making the most of taking care of the grandchildren again today and we have enjoyed being nearby for several months, but I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that we are also anxious to get that feeling back.

What feeling?, you ask.

That Freedom Feeling! You know, the one which comes with answering that call to get back on the road again!

Life is Good!

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