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After exploring Paris, I decided it needs its own mini entry. We finally embraced the spirit of the tourists; with cameras strapped to our wrists and proudly sporting our sneakers, Jack, Chris, and I headed off to see the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tour. We also saw some city hall buildings and a lot of old architecture that I’m sure is both famous and historically significant. Most importantly, we made it to our train, successfully boarded, and found ourselves in Germany 12 hours later. Score.

A final note about France: The food is awesome. If you aren’t a vegetarian and/or are there for under 4 days. After consisting on solely baguettes, croissants, paninis, crepes, and other high calorie, low nutrition substances, I would kill for a veggie burger. Or a fruit salad. But seriously, the pastries are as good as everyone says. Go there and try ‘em out.

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