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With a busy day planned for today, we were up at 5:00 AM, even though we were not baby-sitting today.

Friends, Carl & Linda and Cathy & Elgin, were driving up from St Louis to meet us for lunch and to visit for awhile.

We shared several winters in the RGV with Carl & Linda and Cathy & Elgin were there with us two winters ago.

We were anxious to see these good folks again and expected them around 11:00 AM.

Marilyn & I left the RV about 8:30 AM and drove to the A&S Print Shop to pick up our new business cards. We visited with Lynn, one of the owners and a friend, for awhile and then left, headed toward the Garth Mansion.

We went in to see John & Julie, owners of the mansion, and Julie insisted that we sit down in the kitchen, where we could visit.

John brought us a steaming cup of fresh, hot coffee and Julie pushed a fresh baked blueberry muffin in front of us. That didn’t last long and she wrapped up a couple more of them to send home with us.

We look forward to joining them for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

A quick stop at the grocery store for a couple of items completed our morning.

We took groceries back to the RV and then headed back to town, expecting a phone call from our friends to say they were getting close.

We were looking around in the “Main Street Kitchen” Store when Carl called to let us know they were at the campground looking for us. We gave them directions to the “Mark Twain Dinette” and headed that way ourselves.

It was great to see these fine friends again as they spent last winter in Florida and it has been some time since we were all together.

Really good folks, and we enjoyed our time with them so much today.

We lingered after lunch, just talking and enjoying that comfortable feeling you have when you are in the company of good friends.

We finally left the restaurant and walked around through the historic district and to the riverfront.

We reached a shelter where we stood to watch the river and listened to the faint sound of banjo music from the riverboat.

Rain began to fall as we stood there so Carl & I ran back to get the vehicles.

The rain began in earnest as we returned to the shelter area, so we stood watching the riverboat pull out into the river, in the reduced visibility of the rain.

Several people on the boat waved from the shelter of an overhanging roof as they passed by near the shore.

The rain slowed to a sprinkle by the time we said a reluctant goodbye with hugs and wishes for safe travel.

Marilyn & I returned to the RV for a couple of hours before heading back to town to meet friends from Quincy, Il, who were meeting us for dinner at “Ole Planters” restaurant.

When we parked at the restaurant, Mark & Leanne pulled in right behind us.

We began with more hugs and then went inside for a delicious dinner. We lingered as long as we dared after dinner but felt guilty because they were busy, so we paid the check and drove out to the RV, followed by our friends.

We carried the camera around all day but only remembered to take pictures once. So I'll post the ones we took.

We continued the conversation with Mark & Leanne for another hour and a half or so and then our friends had to get started for home.

More hugs!

We have sure had a good day with friends from here and elsewhere.

Knowing that these bonds are real makes us feel warm inside.

Thanks to all of you dear readers we are confident that……………

Life is Good!

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