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A country house in Bulgaria

As we approach on the way to the old town of Nessebar

The group walking towards the ruins of St Sophia

Rob outside one of 40 chuches in the old district of Nessebar

Looking down the street in Nessebar

Rob dancing in the restaurant

Outside the hotel where we had lunch at Rouse in Bulgaria

In the middle of Rouse - there are some lovely buildings

Different buildings were seen today as we travelled

We did not spend much time in Nessebar but what time we had, was wonderful.

We went to the old town of Nessebar which is located on the banks of the Black Sea.

It is on a small steep pennisula that is linked to the mainland by only a very narrow isthmus, which meant we did a walking tour.

The tour was before dinner and was across many cobblestone roads and paths. We walked past ruins and next to the 'Seaside Basilica' which is the nickname given to Nessebars oldest church, the church of St Sophia, which dates back to the 5th century.

In the the area that we walked there was supposed to be 40 churches but we only visited 2 and inside one - the church of St Stephen. These churches are all made of alternate layers of brick and stone.

The houses are also very different as they are typical Bulgarian style of 19th century with lower story stone and upper story wood.

We were very lucky to be treated to a typical Bulgarian dinner at a restaurant within the old city with some Bulgarian dancers and entertainment. At the end of the show, they invited guests to join them, by which Rob was one of the chosen - with some others.

He did not embarass himself or us, and had lots of fun.

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