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We set the alarm for an early wake up call to get a good heads start on fossicking before we needed to take the gear back. Cold, gloomy grey with drizzling rain. No sun to help us out spotting our gems as we fossicked. However Jason continued to dig all morning, sieving away dumping out the rocks and us combing through for sapphires. The entire morning went by so fast however we did find some very nice gems. When it was time to go I gave the "payload" to Jason to carry so I would not spill the container and loose our morning finds. As I'm getting ready to go up the hill to the van I hear Jason say, "Oh my God!" I thought he had just found a sapphire sitting on the ground when we had worked all morning to find ours......he had a look of utter disgust. Nope, he swung the pail in the air that contained our "payload" and had thrown it all over the rocks in front of him. He was almost ready to cry, down on his knees he went to find all our treasures. I rushed over to help him out, I don't know how we managed but we think we found them all.....Jason looked a little harder than me so really he made sure we got them all back after all the work it took to get them (5 hours worth). Once found we got in the van, drove to the general store and returned the fossicking gear.

We drove down to Rubyvale to see what the town looked like. A lot of rolling hills again from the old fossicking machinery days. Stopped along side the road to enjoy a group of large prehistoric looking cranes and an abundance of parrots. Jason got some great photos. Took a drive through town and from there made our way back into Emerald to pick up a part for the van. Once done in Emerald we continued on up to Clermont to park in a designated gas station rest area for the night.

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