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This morning we decided to go specking again rather than sieving by the river so we drove into Graves Hill designated fossicking park. You take a winding gravel road past hard core locals who call their little shanties home into the park. We called a little patch a ways off the beaten track home for the day. Hot weather with little to no wind to help keep you cool.

We got on all fours and started our treasure hunt. I had a bird land right beside me and follow me for a while. It was freaking me out a bit, Jason of course was laughing his butt off. Finally I figured out that he thought I had food in my container I was carrying around with me for my gems. All day this bird kept following us around and coming right up to us. He was good company. We also had two kangaroo's pop up out of the grass not too far from where I van was parked. After a few hours of scouring the area I retreated into the van for some water and shade. Jason wandered down to talk to a local fossicker about the area he was digging in. He has been doing this for over 20 years and found a sapphire he sold for $10,000. According to him he has been on welfare for over 20 years with a bad back.........but shovels and picks in the dirt to gather it and put it in large bags he takes back home to sieve through. Hmmm something wrong with this picture. He said that since the flood came through a lot of them are sure they will find newly displaced sapphires along the banks by the river.

We searched for a few more hours and decided that we were done for the day again empty handed. After some thought we kept our van parked and stayed the night right there. We had a guest arrive, it was the bird that had been following us around all day, I named him 'Frank'. We decided to give Frank some peanuts fresh out of the shell since he was so persistent and had been waiting all day for a prize. This little bird kept a keen eye on us while we cracked out the peanuts, as Jason crouched down and lowered the peanut Frank came right up and took it out of his fingers. Not too long after we had Frank catching the peanuts as we threw them up in the air for him. Smart little bird who obviously has been fed by a human here before. After a while Frank figured out where we were getting the peanuts from, inside the van (I was throwing him peanuts from the just inside the door) and who jumps up and peeks his head around the corner at me.....FRANK. He's a good cat or bird in this case. I just said No and he flew back down on the ground waiting for another peanut. This little game continued on for a bit until I had to close the side door. Jason was on the ground outside under the van checking things out and Frank kept a close eye on him, walking right up to him or by sitting on the top of the van looking down on him. Jason started the van and off Frank flew never to return again that night.

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