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When we write a blog every day, there are times when it seems there is simply nothing to write about.

I think every blogger faces writer's block at some point.

That seems especially true when we are parked in one spot for some length of time, doing not much of anything other than taking care of grandchildren most days.

That is not really “living the RV life” and I wonder if anyone even cares about the journal.

When readers become bored, do they stop taking the time to even check the blog to see if there is anything new? I wonder!

Many of our blogger friends simply revert to a less regular posting. That requires one to check in each day to see if there is anything new, but after a while they simply give up and stop clicking on that particular blog.

I write this journal as a hobby so I’ll stick with it through the difficult times and hope that we will soon be back on the road again, seeking out the adventures of traveling, and writing about it as we go along.

So, even though we have both grandkids staying with us again today, I plan to get outdoors to lubricate the slides as well as the landing gear, and to air up tires and the air ride system.

We have less than one week to go before we are back on the road again. Actually we’ll be on the road at this time next week, as we plan to leave Hannibal next Sunday morning, as early as possible.

Topeka, Kansas is only five hours away and we will stay overnight at Deer Creek Valley RV Park. There is a good BBQ place right outside the entrance gate and we hope to have dinner with friends from Topeka.

Monday will find us on the road, traveling the interstate highway west for another five hour trip to Oakley, KS where the High Plains Campground will become home for one night.

The excitement will be high the next morning because we’ll be on that last leg to Mountaindale RV Resort outside of Colorado Springs. That leg is only four and ½ hours of driving and we gain an hour due to the change from central to mountain time.

We so look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our friends as we pull into this beautiful place.

See, already I am cheered by the prospect of being on the road again.

What do you want to bet that we’ll be missing the grandchildren after we get only a few miles down the road?

The memories of their smiling faces and the many hugs and kisses will keep us going until we return.

Life is Good!

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