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Carpe in APS parking lot, Bellefonte, PA

American Philatelic Society HQ

Carpe is parked right next to monument to Pioneer Air Mail pilots

Closeup of Pioneer Air Mail pilots monument

Bellefonte, PA Post Office
Bellefonte has gorgeous architecture. Sandi walked the town with...

A classic Rexall sign in downtown Bellefonte

One of many beautiful classic Bellefonte buildings

Centre County Courthouse—Bellefonte

Catholic Church—Bellefonte

Brick church

Bellefonte City Park

Bellefonte, Old Match Factory
Now the home of the American Philatelic Society

Bellefonte is the hometown of the famous Mills Brothers

Sun, 12 Jun: This morning we made the short (44 mile) drive from Lewistown to Bellefonte. We arrived at the American Philatelic Society (APS) right about eleven and got Carpe set up for our stay. Since there is no electic or water to connect, it was a very quick operation.

Our route took us through Pennsylvania's rolling hills (where aren't there hills in Pennsylvania?). We used US 22 to US 322 to I 99 to PA 150 and then local streets. It was a very pleasant drive with excellent weather and light traffic. The slide behaved as it is supposed to, so we're hoping we've seen the last of our "creepy" slide.

We'll be here for at least a few days, but our duration is not yet known and will be up to Bob's desires. He's here to do some volunteer work with APS and is unsure right now what they'll have him doing and how long it'll take. In exchange for his volunteerism we get the free use of their parking lot (or, seven spaces in it).

Sandi will spend her time catching up on laundry (hasn't been done since Bar Harbor) and other tasks. If she gets bored she has been invited to help out at APS even though the only thing she knows about stamps is that you don't have to lick them anymore.

We're just a hop and jump from State College, home of Penn State. As with all college towns it is reputed to have many good restaurants, so we'll probably check them out. Who knows what else will transpire till the next time the wheels start turning...

Wed, 15 Jun: Bob had a busy few days, volunteering at the American Philatelic Society (APS). In exchange for Bob's expertise the APS is allowing us to boondock in their parking lot. It is a lovely setting with a creek running alongside the coach. Very quiet at nite despite being in the middle of town.

Sandi kept herself busy doing laundry, catching up on shopping, reading the mail we had sent here, etc., etc. Not to mention some quality "feet up" time.

Bellefonte is a lovely town, with quite a bit of preserved and well maintained original buildings. Sandi took a walking tour of town snapping many pix of the beautiful buildings. Many are shown in the pix section of this post.

Plans call for us to head out tomorrow (Thursday). We'll probably head for the Dayton area where we'll spend some time visiting family, friends, and the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB.

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