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Thursday 9th June

Sorry about the abrupt end to my last entry but the lady wanted to close the library. By the way thanks for all the messages Dave and I really appreciate reading them.

Feeling the most chilled than I ever thought possible today. We’re taking the oldest road in Finland that runs along the south coast that connected Russia to Turku, it’s really beautiful constantly going up and down like a roller coaster so harder than we have been used to, this is where you can really feel the weight that’s loaded on the bike.

Trouble is there is hardly any accommodation so thought we would head to a campsite situated on an island which looked idyllic on the map. Got all the way there along bumpy tracks to find there was no such thing so we are rough camping again on the edge of the coast in a wonderful location with just the birds and a couple of fishermen in a boat. Had a great wok dinner and Just watched the sun go down. The wind has calmed, the sea (not really proper sea like we know it – nearly fresh water in fact) is still and the light is just at that perfect point that paints a glow on everything it touches.

But enough of all that romantic, poetic stuff we will soon have go through the Mossy drill. We have an outer and inner part to our tent and so all the sleeping stuff has to be got ready and piled outside so that Dave can shoot it through very quickly and zip up quick. Last night we had done this, finished our evening ablutions and returned to the tent where Dave shut me outside stripped off quick and dived in the inner sanctum before the mossys could get him. I was then allowed in to find Dave lying resplendent like a Swedish porn star lit up in the orange glow of the fabric (as I said it doesn’t get dark)doing his spread sheet.

He is also a bit conscious of his very small speedo swimming trunks. He bought them as his normal ones are heavier but now is conscious of displaying himself on the beach especially as he has a cycle suntan(brown lower legs, lower arms and face but white everywhere else). We did see a Swedish guy cycling along in his but Dave feels that will chaf his bits!

After our rough camp we stopped for coffee at a really lovely bibliotech/café overlooking the harbour. In Finland they thoughtfully provide a shower in the loos ( I won’t go into detail but you get the drift). I said to Dave that I had freshened up in there and he said he would do likewise. He came back looking a bit sheepish and he said ‘put it this way the floor is now extremely clean’. For those of us who know him well he is very enthusiastic with his washing so you can imagine the scene!

This is turning out a bit of a ‘get at Dave’ isn’t it? He did also cycle back to find my sandal that had fallen off my bike – could have been 10 miles but was, in fact only about half a mile – so that was really sweet of him – ah.

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