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The sound of thunder wakened me several times during the night but I slept well in between the storms.

I felt better this morning and we had time for several cups of coffee before driving to the hospital to meet Jennifer.

We brought the little ones back to the RV knowing it might be a difficult day for us.

We are at that stage where we have almost run out of time in this location, yet have a lot to do to get ready to leave.

I am still less than 100% and Marilyn is tired.

Duty calls however and we do what we need to do.

It was still rainy outdoors so we kept the wee ones inside most of the morning.

Colby did go with me to the printing office. I needed to pick up the business cards I had printed and was supposed to pick up yesterday. Alas, they are closed on weekends, so I’ll get them on Monday.

Next, Colby and I drove to Walmart to look at toys. I told Colby he could give me some ideas for Christmas.

He was very well behaved and we left when he said he was ready to go home.

Back at the RV, we ate a bite of lunch, even though it was a bit early, and then Colby helped me take the trash to the dumpster.

We then headed on to the office, noticed that they were very busy, asked if they needed me for tours (No, they have things covered) and then continued to the sluice.

Colby played with the sluice for awhile, floating small green crab-apples down the stream of water.

When we returned to the RV, it was a bit after Colby’s nap time but I gave him some ice cream because he had been so good.

Marilyn was holding a sleeping Lauren so I took care of Colby and he was soon down for his nap.

I took advantage of the quiet to begin this journal entry.

Jennifer called to let us know that one of the days we had planned with friends, is a day she needs us to baby-sit again, so we made some calls to change some plans.

It isn’t easy to keep up! LOL

All is well as we look forward to seeing kids, grandkids, relatives and friends over the next 8 days before we leave.

Life is Good!

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