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June 1 - 3.

A quick stop at Amy's to wash and repack before heading out to Long Island with the destination Montauk. This is the end of the road as far as Long Island in concerned as it is the far tip of the island. This was a few days relaxing at the beach before we head west on a 4 month cross country odyssey. We drove out on the North Shore of Long Island, stopping at Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor, 2 places Billy Joel reference in his songs.

Wednesday morning was a heavy fog day that did not lift until late in the afternoon. The day was spent driving to and hiking around the lighthouse, followed by a drive around this end of town. We had a wonderful dinner at a great restaurant, first sitting in the garden then moving indoors as a thunderstorm rolled in. The storm passed in time to see the sun setting.

Thursday morning was a brilliant blue sky day with only 1 problem, a strong wind blowing along the coast. A walk on the beach was followed by another walk around town to make sure we saw every T shirt for sale. I finally bowed to pressure to buy the most subtle one I could find.

One main benefit in coming to Montauk was to find a cafe that makes good old fashioned flat white coffee. It has disappointed me that the cafe society in US does not match OZ. At last I could sit back and relax, enjoy a good coffee and feel at home. The drive back to Amy's included a site seeing tour of the famed Hamptons. This included driving past many luxurious homes, many you couldn't see from the road and private beaches.

Another detour to Sag Harbour took place before heading to Robert Moses Beach for what was meant to be a relaxing stay while the peak hour traffic did it's thing. Unfortunately the wind was still blowing strong and the sand was hitting hard. Our relaxing time was cut very short so we headed home.

One down side to the travelling we are doing is that the constant packing and unpacking is becoming tiresome. Next week we load for a long trip and I'm looking forward to not unpacking for a while.

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