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See-we really do use public transit Heidi & Gary!!!

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Hello to all of you blog fans . I hope you remain a fan because I am giving Linda the night off and I am going to try and tap out something that I hope you find interesting.

We started the day very uneventful making it to downtown DC using metro buses and subway. Heidi and Gary would be proud of our use of public transportation even if we did not take different trains. Heidi and Gary should know what I am talking about here

Our first stop was the air and space museum and we opened the place at 10 AM along with what seemed like about 2000 kids. We got to see Orville and Wilburs invention along with the Spirit of St. Louis . We saw a lot of impressive aviation history but the highlight of this museum was when Linda and I went for a little flight of our own. It seems that the museum has flight simulators that for a nominal fee you can take for a ride. Well this thing we decided to fly was supposed to simulate an F4 Phantom fighter jet. I being the man opted to be the pilot. Yippee I finally got to drive on this trip. Linda was the co- pilot/gunner which meant that when she began panicking she just shot anything that moved friend or foe. I have to admit the one minute of stick training I got before launch was in my opinion insufficient but you can't undo what has been done. We launch into the wild blue yonder and we are flying along and I am trying to keep up with the bogies but they go in all directions and I soon found myself upside down and in some cases spinning. Not so bad really except that the co- pilot did not care much for that at all. I see rockets being blasted from our bird and I didn't see any bad guys so I figure Linda just thinks that if she expends all of our ammo the flight will get over sooner. This goes on for a bit and the co- pilot wants to eject. We decided to just push the stop button, but had there been an eject button we would have hit the silk faster than a fat prairie dog ducks a hawk. Even though I think I could have gone on a little bit more, neither one of us was issued a "Barf" bag so we landed with a rookie rating and two kills. There would have been a third kill if I had not let her push the stop button if you know what I mean.

Our next stop was the Natural History museum where we saw another 2000 kids and more exhibits than I can remember. BUT, and I say BUT, the highlight of the day for me was what we observed on our way to this museum. Being in DC you never know what you might see or WHO you might see. We are walking on the sidewalk and we notice some uniformed Capital police officers on the sidewalk and some fellas in suits too. Linda tells me she saw one of the suits talking into his wristwatch. I then ask her if it was Maxwell Smart and she said no but she figures something is up. We start talking to one of the uniformed officers and he was real friendly and all he would tell us was that maybe somebody important was coming. He shortly asks us very politely to move away to clear a path on the sidewalk as these two dark SUVs pull up to the curb and stop. Some suits get out along with a well dressed petite looking lady who walks briskly from the SUV and into what I figured was a side entrance to the museum. I say to myself and to Linda that the lady was Nancy Pelosi. Well I knew I had seen her somewhere before so we ask the officer and he told us the lady was Laura Bush. Duh, after he said that I realized I really owe Laura Bush an apology for dissn her like I did. We didn't see her again but it was still very cool.

Now for the low light of the trip. It sounded pretty funny to me but if I was Linda I might not see it that way. She told me of her observation in the womens rest room. I guess the women have hand dryers too and apparently not just for hands. She was using one while this little old Asian lady was using the one next to her. Linda noticed the little old lady was drying something in her hands but not her hands. Linda then notices the little old lady is holding her underwear (not Linda's the little old lady's) under the blower drying it. Bad huh but it apparently got worse because you see the little old lady was naked from the waist down. I mean really why put your outer garment on if you are trying to get your undies dry. I guess that's how the little old Asian ladies do it in Asia.

The last minor incident occurring in this museum happened in the butterfly display. Again for a nominal fee we got to go into this tropical type room that was packed with, you guessed it, kids and butterflies. Butterflies of all sizes and colors and I even got a picture of one that landed on Linda's arm. Well the one that landed on my arm startled me and I instinctly swatted it off of my arm. I apparently swatted it a little too hard because I don't think it would have broke into two pieces by just hitting the floor. Well the little children started freaking out and crying and the male attendant inside the room was not real happy with me because now he was going to have to explain to his boss how he came up one butterfly short at the end of the day . I tried to reason with the guy by telling him a butterfly is what? A moth with color but he didn't buy it. NO NOT REALLY just a humor attempt.

Well on to the American History Museum and 3000 kids by this time but no little old Asian lady.

We see the Hope diamond and I know why it's called that. You only hope you get to see it long enough to take a picture of it because like I said there are about 3000 grand worth of kids here. It is on a pedestal that makes a quarter turn every few seconds so you line up your camera for a shot and as it turns your way you get a good picture of the heads of at least two kids who just crowded in front of you. I finally got almost a perfect shot of it right between the hands of somebody who felt the need to put their hands up right when I took the picture. Archie Bunker's easy chair was simple. It was on display next to Edith's and I almost felt homesick and missing my easy chair at home.

We saw Julia Child's kitchen and I know Linda was not missing her kitchen back home but I took a picture of it anyway.

A very neat display was also the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner. The thing is huge and pretty battered but they are taking very good care of it these days so it should last another couple hundred years. I think the last photo taken in the museum was of me standing under the tail end of this gigantic elephant just inside the front entrance. Sometimes you just kind a feel that way that the world is just looking for an opportunity to dump on you so I thought I would try and capture the moment. We then said farewell to the museum and the 4000 kids by now and headed back to Cherry Hill.

Tomorrow is mostly a down day and we will not be getting up to catch the 6:45 AM bus. We will be doing one more tour tomorrow night of DC after dark and from what we have heard it is beutiful because all the monuments are illuminated. Believe me there is a lot of DC that is not very beautiful.

Well time for this guest blogger to sign off and finish his can of SCHLITZ and open another.

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