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Several days ago I awoke with a sore throat. Not bad but I could feel the beginnings of a cold coming on.

I am seldom sick any more and if I had followed my instincts, to take some meds, I would have been fine.

However, I procrastinated as I often do, and the result was not good.

We stayed with Lauren last night while Steve & Jen took Colby to the “Monster Truck Jam”.

We arrived home late and it was nearly midnight when we turned the lights off and fell asleep.

We had big plans for today, beginning with breakfast at the Garth Mansion, which we have been looking forward to for awhile.

We then had some chores to run and were meeting friends, Mark & Leanne, at Ole Planters for dinner.

As we all know, plans change, and that was the case today.

I awoke feeling poorly, a bit nauseous, and knowing that I should have begun taking meds a couple days ago.

We shared some coffee and then began getting ready to go. I was reluctant to say anything to Marilyn about not feeling well because we have so looked forward to today.

I took some meds and hoped that would help.

We were dressed and I had the car keys in my hand when I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to go anywhere.

We called Julie at the Mansion and our friends, Mark & Leanne in Quincy, to let them know we needed to reschedule. They were so gracious about things that it made me feel better, as I headed back to bed.

Marilyn took off to have a cell-phone problem resolved, and then to do some shopping, leaving me here to doze and try to get better.

When she returned later, she fixed some chicken-noodle soup for me and I sat up in the living room to eat that before going back to bed.

In the afternoon, while I was sleeping, a friend from Columbia, MO, came by to visit.

Marilyn spoke to Mike & Barb but I was not feeling well enough to get up. I don’t think I would have been very good company, but I sure would have liked to have a long visit with Mike. He is a good guy and I wish I had felt better. Hopefully, next time will work out for us.

We have both grandkids staying with us on Saturday and Sunday.

We now plan to meet our Quincy friends on Monday, to have dinner together.

We will have breakfast with Julie at the Mansion either Monday or Tuesday morning, and we have RV friends, Carl & Linda and Cathy & Elgin, driving up from St Louis for lunch with us on Tuesday.

Wednesday I have my last appointment with the Chiropractor and we are meeting our local friends for dinner at the Mexican Restaurant that evening.

We’ll take care of the little ones again on Thursday and get everything ready to go, on the RV, on Friday.

Saturday we’ll attend a reception at my cousin’s home in Keokuk, Iowa, and we’ll be on the road headed to Colorado on Sunday morning.

So, you can see that we have a busy schedule ahead of us.

Now it is off to bed for me. Have to be all chipper by tomorrow!

Life is Good!

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