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Kyle Drive-In Marquee

We've Arrived!

Lots was spent here over the years

Very nice camp ground

North side looking to South

Remember this Landmark?

Clearwater Golf & Tennis

Mr Pine's Purple House

Our Cabin

Our Cabin

Our Cabin

Our water view

Kerr's Cabin

Sam & Toot's Cabin

Clearwater Beach

Beach Playground Area

Mileage: 211k

Arrive: Monday, June 6, 2011

Depart: Wednesday, June 8, 201

Monday, June 6

Arrived at Clearwater Lake about 2:00. Very pleasant full service camping spot which was a bit of a welcome surprise.

Golf at the Clearwater Lake Golf Course. Sand greens, rough fairways and even rougher roughs, the price is right at $3 each. Oh my – whatever made me think I enjoyed golfing.

Dinner and one period of the disastrous 3rd Stanley Cup final at the Clearwater Lake Café and Bar and it was time to call it a day.

Weather: a bit breezy, but mostly sunny and about 18◦

• Tuesday, June 7

Walk around the lake – more like a trip down memory lane. Took lots of pictures. Abundant memories of the lake store, the cabin we almost bought on the other side of the lake, the fireworks (set off by who knows who directly across the lake from the cabin we did buy), lots of changes to cabins and sites we used to know, lots of cabins and sites that haven’t changed at all, the golf course, the tennis court, our old cabin which we had for many years while our kids were growing up, Kerr’s cabin and, of course, the beach where we all spent many hours getting the requisite tan and having tons of fun.

• Wednesday, June 8

Depart for next destination…..Saskatoon via Kelfield, SK

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