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We have been so very blessed, by the opportunity for travel, both in and out of the USA.

Uncle Sam gave me the first opportunity to see parts of the world I had not expected to visit at such a young age.

Marilyn & I lived in Quito, Ecuador, early in our marriage, and that was a learning experience, as well as an amazing adventure.

Wanderlust infused our lives together and we took vacations to different parts of the USA, taking our daughters with us to wonderful parts of this country.

Once I began my flying career we visited most of the States in the USA as well as Canada and Mexico.

With Flight Safety International, I had the opportunity to visit many foreign countries, and fell in love with the different cultures, people, food, music, and the beauty of these countries.

Marilyn & I began to enjoy taking cruises and have visited many countries, territories and possessions during these trips.

When I retired and we began our RV life, we met some amazing people and were gifted with many more opportunities for travel to exotic places.

The joy of travel continues to excite us and we anticipate with great joy, travels with friends in the future.

The trip to South Africa with Tony & Jackie and Howard & Linda has us so excited that we wonder sometimes if the trip can possibly be as much fun as the anticipation.

We just can hardly wait for that trip!

This caused the thought to pop up in my head that:

“Wouldn’t it be fun to take a seven day cruise with a whole lot of our friends!”

I have no idea how we could work that out but it is an idea.

Oh, I am way out of bounds here but that happens to me when I begin to ponder things. Right Jesse & Ginger? (Sorry folks but that is an inside joke with our dear friends)

Marilyn & I had our coffee outdoors this morning, had a nice quiet day together, and drove out to the farm to baby-sit with Lauren while the kids took Colby to a “Monster Truck Jam” in Quincy, Il.

This was another fine day and we realize just how blessed we are.

Life is Good!

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