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It was Colby’s turn to visit us today. He chatted to us all the way back to the RV, after we met him and his Mom at the hospital.

Back at our little chalet on wheels, we all ate breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes.

Then it was time to get busy.

Colby went outdoors to help me with chores.

We hauled the trash to the dumpster, then returned to dump the holding tanks. Once that job was finished we installed a new level on the front of the RV. I use it to determine when we are level, side to side, after pulling into a site in a campground. The old level was broken so I had removed the remains and cleaned off the adhesive, then put the new one into place after making sure we were level.

Colby went back inside for a few minutes while I folded and stowed the patio carpet.

While he was inside he helped Marilyn defrost the freezer.

After making a shopping list, Colby and I went to the grocery store.

We had a lengthy list and it took more than an hour to get everything we needed.

Colby helped me find things, and helped unload the cart at the checkout. His behavior was perfect and I added some ice cream to the cart as a reward for him.

Back at the RV we carried groceries in for Marilyn and then she fixed some lunch.

After lunch it was time to sit quietly for awhile and watch “The Secret of Nimh”.

I took a shower and dressed in some clean, comfortable clothing, before heading to Palmyra for an appointment with the Chiropractor.

Colby was still napping when I returned home.

Jennifer called to let us know she would be off work at 6:00 which meant an evening together for Marilyn & me.

We planned to watch some TV and get a good night of sleep tonight.

Life is good!

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