New on my life bird list...a pair of Red Crossbills

Another view showing the back of the male

Another new bird on my list...the Lazuli Bunting

Front view

One of the female hummers at our feeders

We have a lot of chipmunks too :-)

Male Rufous Hummingbird

Another view

Last one!

We have really enjoyed our two days in this unique little town. We had a much-needed day of doing nothing but resting and bird watching.

This place is paradise for bird and wildlife lovers. We have about a dozen hummingbirds at the feeders already. I have seen four new "life birds" .... birds I have never seen in person before: The Lazuli Bunting, both male and female Red Crossbills and the Rocky Mountain Chickadee. He was too fast to get a photo.

We are heading home in the morning, we should be back in the US by the afternoon. We enjoyed our time in Canada much.

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