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Mission Beach Amusement park

Worlds Largest Slice of Pizza

The Guys About to Roll Over the Old Wooden Roller Coaster

We woke up to an overcast chilly day of 70 degrees and breezy. After spending three hours with the window shade repair guy we got all the night shades working in the coach again. Automatic shades are marvelous when they work but when they are broken you really wish you had the old fashion pull cords. After he left the boys and I headed to Mission Beach in San Diego.We had lunch at the Wave House and then hit beach walk with a complete outdoor amusement park. The park had a wooden roller coaster from 1920. It had been restored in 1990 but still looked pretty old to me. The boys rode it at least 5 times and then hit the bumper cars. But the main event was the rip curl flow rider. It was awesome and they both rode for 2 hrs. Brock had the best wipe outs and went down hard several times. I went to a pizza place to use the john and felt bad so I ordered a slice of pizza to go. They handed me a large pizza box and I left. I was thinking why did the give me this big box for one slice of pizza. Well the picture says it all. We got back to the RV to find Missy cleaning up broken glass from the screen door. Somehow it just shattered when she opened the door after walking Coco. What a mess and now another thing to have repaired. Brock was exhausted so he rested on the bus and Missy, Ross, and me hit In and Out Burger. After seeing them for years we never went but my friend James Bush, The Tiffin Rep, insisted we try it. It was fantastic. Great burger and fries. The price is amazing also. A cheeseburger with everything, a huge order of fries, and a large drink is only $4.95. Ross loved the burger so much he had a second one.

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