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Away to Pakse!!! We got another bus for 3 hours there, a nice short trip for a change.

Everyone who got off the bus in Pakse were all doing the same loop of town checking for a hotel room, quite funny seeing most people struggle around with massive backpacks. It makes us feel a bit smug at having our tiny and light backpacks! We ended up in a nice place by the river for only 50'000kip a night, about 3 pounds. (Hmmm, keyboards in Vietnam , where i am now, dont seem to have the pound sign!)

It was evening by the time we were sorted and we headed out for dinner down by the river where there are lots of bars and restaurants. Now, Kat may have accidently forgot to tell Chris that the river is full of locals, and that hardly any westerners go there! Luckily it was really nice down there and didn't feel unsafe at all being the only westereners. We ended up on a lovely boat restaurant right by the river playing cards and watching the lightning on the other side of the river.

The next day we set off tho see some sights. Pretty difficult considering the guide book says there are none! We thought we'd have a walk about and try to find a bar to watch the football in that evening. A place about 4km out of town was reccomended and we walked all the way there to find it was shut!! We were sooooo hot we took refuge in a air conditioned supermarket for a bit nosing at all the foriegn stuff!! Dairy products are the most expensive things, a tub of butter is about 4 pounds! And they have some weird and wonderful flavour crisps and pringles! Think Indonesian Satay, Crab Curry and Lobster and Shrimp flavours! Fishy crisps seem to be the most popular! We stopped for a few drinks in the afternoon then headed back to the river hoping to find the football there. Turned out to be shown in the busiest bar down there! We went next door for dinner and whilst we sat there a rooster jumped up on the rafters and waddled along nearly over Kats head and snuggled in for a sleep! And right above Chris was a lovely spider! Nice and big!

The football was ok, the bar was more entertainment. Must be the bar of choice for young locals. But Kat had fun going to the toilet. It was just a concrete box room with a drain in the corner and a bucket of water!!! Mmmmm, pissy feet!!

We had one more obstacle to get over! We were told that the gates to our hotel were locked at 11.30pm, and it was midnight! Expexting to have to climb the fence we were happy to find a nice person sized hole in the gate and slipped in no problems!!

The next day we swapped to a room with aircon as it was getting a bit hot with just a fan. We went to the internet cafe to try and load up some pictures but the connection was sooooo slow! We have spent loads getting absolutly no where loading these pictures on! We found out about our bus the next day then just went to the supermarket and grabbed some food and went home to do washing and relax.

Off to start a 3 day trip up to central Laos tomorrow headed for Ban Khoum Kam to visit the Kong Lor caves!! Thinking it will be great!!

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