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5/30 has us leaving in a nice forecast of following seas and sun for Sandy Hook, NJ anchor. We could not believe how nice a day it was. We take the side channel into the harbor versus the ship channel even though it is longer, but we are out of the way of ships. The Manesquan inlet which is the beginning of the NJ ICW is neat and easy to run. So easy, even a cave man could do it (OK, this is not all that funny, eh? But we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once). As we arrive at Sandy Hook, it is still early in the day and the forecast for tomorrow is windy and winds on our bow, so we decide to take an extra 3 hours for the run into NYC and anchor at the Statute of Liberty thinking that since Memorial Day weekend is essentially over, we could find room to anchor. Also being the weekend, the ferry boats are not as many, so we do not have to do much dodging. The anchor was a little crowded, but there was plenty of room for us to raft with Tarquin. We toast Champagne with them celebrating the milestone they have achieved on the loop and to toast our new best friends on their ventures since we part with them tomorrow. We are so saddened by this parting, but also are so blessed to have met them and are sure we will get to see them again. They plan on staying in NYC for touring for a few days, and we need to get to CT to see Sue's dad since he is not doing well. We do not rush out the next morning, delaying departure so we can have one last goodbye. Seeing and anchoring here for the second time is just as awing as the first time.

5/31 We leave for the East River with no plans on where to stop. We call friends (we call them Trinity, the name of their boat. Boaters know each other by their boat name, not their real names) who live on Long Island who we met on the Great Loop in 2006/7 and have kept a close relationship with ever since that we will not be able to see them as we travel east, but we will figure out how to see them during the Summer depending on how well Sue's father is. We figure on three days to get to our home port away from home. The weather is nice, and we are riding the tide giving us a long day to the town of Stratford, CT. We are amazed at the miles we did today. One of the longest we have done with this boat. We eat an ok supper and have a nice dockage for rest and we plan on another long day tomorrow. Leaving 6/1 which was our target date for arriving on Long Island Sound, we go to Old Saybrook Ct, which is a short way up the CT river. We were given this marina name by looper folks on Summertime - this is their home port. It is also family run with few amenities but very safe and secure so we can leave Just Relax here with few worries. The marina is a boat yard that does not get transients in much, but they gave us a monthly rate that rivals rates at home. It is not unusual to have marinas charge twice what they do in CT area. CT the richest income state, and the folks here are spoiled. But, we do love it here. along the way today, we decide to take a detour and travel though the Thimble Islands (Google it as there is so much history). It reminds us of the coast of Maine. It is strange how Mother Nature made these tiny little islands. In some cases, a small rock island is just large enough for one house. No electricity on many of them. This is a place for the very rich, but you can anchor among the islands and we checked out a couple of spots to come back to. The day was a little foggy requiring radar, but our biggest concern was lobster traps. Once again, we missed them all - whew!

Please pray for Sue and her family as they have a sick father who is a fantastic guy. They have many tough decisions to make and it is a blessing that Sue and her siblings are able to care for him so well. We plan on being here for at least two months, and hopefully will get to take some trips on JR while we are here. We are not sue when our next posting will be. John may travel home while Sue tends to her dad for a week.

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