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Downtown Delaware City

Ship John Light on Delaware River

Tarquin tucked in at Cape May (Eddie)

Anchor at Atl. City

Yard Sale Bargins - Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Exciting stuff. We watch them install a new pole replacing the old...

Do you see us?

5/22: Continuing on our Delaware City visit, we stay total of 4 days, and enjoyed them all with Tarquin. The marina continued to serve us well and we plan on stopping here on our way back south. We take a fairly long walk to the old fort area which is now taken over by various, mostly, gov't agencies. Many buildings are in bad shape, not being used. We go here twice since the second day there is a surplus store run by the gov't that sells, I guess, confiscated stuff from criminals, or retired things. John loves it as mostly tools/parts... He buys a mouse for the small PC so he does not have to use the little pad ($2). Sue and John walk almost the entire town one day, getting tired out, but seeing many beautiful homes. We teach Tarquin a marbles game and continue to play it for days during the time we have with them. The girls claim to be better players than the guys (it is a team game) but the guys are just being nice. We also get to meet a couple of other boaters here, but one, is a real jerk. With the current running high next to the piers, it was a challenge to undock/dock. It is a loong face dock, so parallel parking is required. The marina really knows how to help you maneuver.

5/25 takes us down the Del. River. We are getting better on this trip timing weather and tides. John consults (Sue calls it yammering) with locals and decides that 0630 is best time to ride the tide. We did great. We travel for most of the day at nearly 30% faster than we usually do due to the fast running tide. Tarquin loved it since they are an even slower boat than ours (BTW, the folks they bought their boat from had taken it through the Panama Canal, and it is a smaller boat than ours). Weather was near perfect and we had the wind to our backs as well. We could not believe it, we arrived at 1330 versus other trips from Chesapeake City would have gotten us in to Cape May more like 1600. Then we enter the Cape May Canal and those pesky NJ boaters. For some reason, they are terrible boaters and NJ is one of the first states to require boater licenses. Note to Governor: "IT AIN"T WORKING". For the first time, we do not stay at Miss Chris Marina and decide to check out Utsch's since we have heard much of this family run place, even though they are a little pricey. The folks here lived up to their reputation with the dock hand working overtime to get the cable run so Sue could watch the finals of American Idol. The next day, the weather SEEMED ok for a run to Atlantic City, so we decide to run the ocean. Wind to our back, no clouds..., and about an hour out, all we had was pea thick soup fog. John had promised Sue no fog travel days on this trip. Then the waves kicked up, and we had an uncomfortable ride, but lucky for us, only 3 hours of it. Just as we arrive at Atlantic City to anchor after running the inlet in fog too (talking on radio, blowing horn, watching radar, the sun comes out and the anchor was clear. We later learn that if we had run off shore an additional 2 miles, the fog was not too bad. A little libation and supper with Tarquin, and off to bed as we decide to run the inside tomorrow since the ocean was forecasted to be nasty. John times the tides again, LOL, and we leave at 1030 which is low tide so that if we hit bottom, the rising tide will, hopefully, float us off the bottom. Low water on the NJ ICW is only 4' in places, and we draw 4'. As we drag along the bottom in places that are 3'-11" deep, it would have been fine except that the day was so windy, the waves would push us onto the bottom in places. We were not worried, but it was tiring having to watch the depth finder all day. The NJ ICW is really nice and beautiful views. It is a shame more do not use it. We anchor at Silver Bay, which Sandy had radioed us about. A local boater told us over the radio that it was 5' deep there and a great place - he was right as we anchor for a beautiful evening. God is shining on us today. Since we arrive late in the day (1800) we do stay up since tomorrow our planned run is only two hours. We have a leasure breakfast and untie for the run to Pt. Pleasant, NJ which is at the mouth of the Manasquan Inlet to wait for a couple of days for weather to calm down, and to visit this neat little place. From here, we must run the ocean to NYC.

5/28 Takes us to Pt Pleasant at Clarks Landing, Tavern and Grill - a marina that caters to fishing boats. We are looked at funny since we are the only two trawlers here. Not even sailboats are here. If this was S. Carolina, someone would say :"you ain't from these here parts are you?". Here they say: "Wheres youse guys from, anyway?" But seriously, everyone was very nice and we got to know some of the boaters since we were here for 2 days. There is not a "no wake" zone here, and being Memorial Day Weekend, we rock at the pier during the day, but fortunately at night, things calm down for a pleasant sleep. We walk the town and discover that even though this is a very nice quaint town, it is not so small. They have a nice boardwalk, and anything you'd want. We eat at the marina restaurant since it is famous among locals we are told. We go to a yard sale too. Since fuel is cheap in NJ, we fill up. They come to your baot slip to fill up since they cater to the fishing boats, this is a must so they can arrive from fishing, dock, fill up and be out early the next morning. Right next to our boat, people are fishing all day long and catching some really nice fish. The marina wants to rebuilt their docks so that they will have a breakwater to eliminate the rocking from passing boats, but the town will not give them one due to, yep, you guessed it, politics. We wish them well as this marina is one of a dying breed here in the Northeast being replaced by "cookie cutter" marinas ala chain restaurants.

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