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The next day we all set of 8am. I need to find an ATM and than fill up my bike. So did Jayme and Radek. The other 2 bikes went straight for the caves. We arranged to meet back their. Somewhere on the way Gemma, the English girl and I lost Jayme and Radek. We got our things sorted and looked around for them. As we couldn’t see them anymore we tried to locate the 1st cave. We got a little lost but after some mini adventures in laos country side we managed to find the cave.

We all met again at the 1st cave. It was not very interesting so we didn’t stay there for long. The 2nd cave was even harder to find, a little more spectacular but still not that interesting. The 3rd cave was stunning. There was a green buddha statue situated in front of the cave and Radek was making fun of it. We went in. It was huge and there was a lake inside. After visiting the buddha shrine, taku had the idea to go swimming in the lake. so we all did! It was amazing. After the swim we wanted to leave the cave but a storm was coming in and we had to wait in the cave till it was over. After the storm we made our way further towards the 1st village we where planning to stay the night. At 1st we had good roads and than we came onto a dirt road. That was good to get a eeling for what was going to happen the next day.

We arrived at the village at night fall, freshened up and went for dinner. It was a pleasant evening. After dinner we were playing bodga with the owner. As everyone was exhausted we had an early night.

The next morning we left early. We had a long mud road to go that day. As it was raining the night before it was particularly dangerous. We managed to get through the hard part by lunch time and no one had a single scratch, even though most of us got quite muddy.

We had lunch at a place which was called the only restaurant. It should have rather be called the only restaurant that you shouldn’t eat at. The food was not very good and we where quite disappointed. we drove on for a few hours and arrived at our next destination. We checked out a few guesthouses and decided to stay at the resort. a truly amazing place which was not more expensive than the guest houses in the village.

We took a swim in the river and than freshen up and had a truly amazing dinner. It was raining very hard during dinner. That night every one was even more exhausted and we called it an early one again.

We left at good time again. However after we where gone for 10 minutes it was starting to rain heavily and we need to take shelter. 10 minutes later it was over again and we got on our way again. After a couple of hours we arrived at the caves, it was starting to rain again so we went for lunch at a restaurant just outside the caves. It took them 2 hours to prepare our lunch. After lunch we took a boat through the kon lo Cave. that was truly amazing, but kind of expensive. The took us 8km through the cave to the other side, where there was another village. The only way for that village to get supplies, was through these caves and they were massif. It was definitely worth doing it. After the caves we took a swim in the river and then found a home stay.

Radek and I were staying with a family and Jayme and Gemma with another one. The others went back to the resort. We took our families and than Radek went to take more photos of the Valley. The girls and I went to check out the village. It was really nice and the people were really friendly. After dinner a friend of our host came and we went with him to his house. There we met his family and some friends and we had a beer with them. We didn’t have a late one though. Back at our hosts we mad our self’s comfy and I was soon fast asleep. I didn’t even hear the storm that thundering over the village that night.

The next morning we left very early. Gemma was taking the lead and she was going at good pass and we made good time. When we stopped for coffee we realized that Gemma’s tire had gone flat. The daughter from the coffee place took the bike to get it fixed, while we were having coffee.

When she got back it was still before 9am and we drove on, stopping a few times to rest and enjoy the scenerey. We got Thakek at about lunch time. We checked at the bus terminal for buses to the 4000 islands and than were looking for the market. Radek had to leave right than, as his bus was leaving very soon. Gemma, Jayme and I went to the market and stuffed our self’s with local treads. It was a great market really. After lunch we went back to the hostel to shower and pack. We said good bye to Radek and then to Gemma who were going both into different directions and than just waited until it was time to leave.

There was a few injured people their who had a bike accident the day prior and a german guy who was planning on doing the loop and after the accedents he he didn’t want to do the loop anymore. He decided to join us for the 4000 islands.

We left for the bus station at 5, the bus was due at 6pm. When we arrived at the terminal we were hurried in a bus. It was stopping on several other places before heading to don kong the biggest of the 4000 islands. It wasn’t all to crowded so we thought we were gonna have a good night.

The bus went for 10 min and stopped somewhere else were many people boarded the bus and a lot of stuff was uploaded. The dream of a comfy bus ride was over. I was squished in a seat that was way to small the bus very loud and the air con gave up after 10min. IT was starting to be a horrible bus ride. In Savanaketh a few people got of and it got a bit better. I was able to sleep a little. I woke up and the bus was standing and everybody was sleeping. I climbed the pile of luggage on the back row and slept there. It was really hot and sticky and the mosquitoes were eating us alive. At 4am the bus finally moved on after 10min we arrived in Pakse, where most of the travelers got of. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t go to Pakse 1st and than stop... From Pakse it was still 4hours drive to Don Khong.

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