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It sure felt good to just relax, awake but still and quiet, with my eyes closed more than open, as I awoke this morning.

I was aware that Marilyn was also awake but neither of us spoke.

Finally we decided to break our reverie and climbed out of bed to head outdoors.

We sipped our coffee as we enjoyed the green scenery surrounding us, and listened to the noise from the cicadas.

Once the coffee was finished it was time to get started on the chores.

I cleaned out the basement and the truck bed, getting things in order to leave in less than two weeks.

Marilyn worked inside the RV while I worked outdoors.

We have the Van packed with items to take to the storage shed at the farm. We still need to make yet another trip to the farm with nothing but toys.

It seems that toys for the grandkids have a way of migrating from the farm to our RV and never going back where they came from, so it will take a special trip to get these things back home.

We’ll wait until our time with the wee ones is finished here though, because they need something to play with when they are visiting us at the RV.

I made several trips to the dumpster and met a nice couple from Atlanta while walking back to the RV.

We stood and talked for awhile. Actually it was long enough for Marilyn to come looking for me. When she saw me talking to some folks she just went back inside thinking to herself, “I should have known!”

After a bite of lunch, we cleaned up, showered, and dressed to pay a visit to the kids and grandkids.

I unloaded the Van and moved things to the storage shed, while Marilyn visited with Jennifer.

I watched Marilyn, Jennifer and the little ones play in the water of their pool and relaxed for awhile.

We all took a ride in the golf cart before Marilyn & I headed back to Hannibal to our little condo on wheels.

Marilyn fixed some tilapia, asparagus, and baked potato for dinner.

It was delicious and we then relaxed in front of the TV before heading off to bed for a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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