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We made it! We arrived in Lima last night at about midnight and found the taxi driver waiting for us outside the airport in a sea of other taxi drivers waiting for their clients (or victims). Our driver was very nice, and Brett tried to make conversation with him without much succes due to our limited (VERY limited that is) Spanish. We arrived at the backpackers hostel and quickly fell into our bed after a long tiring day of traveling.

We were able to sleep in a bit this morning, which helped us catch up on some needed rest from our previous day┬┤s travels. After having several confusing conversations (we really need to work on our Spanish!!!) we had a complimentary breakfast of bread, jam and coffee/tea, stored our gear, and headed out on a walk across Lima to the Historic Plaza de Armas.

It was a long 5 mile walk, but it was a nice way to get a feel for the city. Lima is home to over 8 million people, and it is busy in places but nothing was particularly overwhelming. We both have found Lima to be much more manageable than Delhi was on our previouse trip to India. We have had very little heckling, and people are generally very kind and helpful. The most dificult thing we have encountered so far is the language barrier, which is more significant than we bargained for. An additional surprsing factor has been the cost of things! Although we were aware that it would be unfair to compare our $10 per day budget we used in India to what we might spend in Peru, we are really not finding that things are much cheaper then they would be at home! The food and lodging is slightly cheaper ($15 and $25 respectively), but we are a little taken off guard with entry fees, goods/paintings, transportation etc.

The weather has been plesantly cool at aprox mid 60s. Lima is known for having a heavy fog that hangs over the city but it was nice to be blistering hot while walking around on election day for the country.

Got to run to catch a bus to Hauraz!!

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