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Marilyn woke me from a sound sleep informing me that it was time to get up, if I wanted coffee before we left for a drive to Quincy, IL.

I still felt groggy as I sat, bleary eyed, sipping coffee. I listened half heartedly, as Marilyn chatted, telling me whatever was on her mind at the time.

Soon, it was time to get ready to go, and by the time we were ready to leave, I was more awake but still not very lively.

We drove to Quincy and headed for the University, remembering that St Francis Catholic Church was only half a block down the street.

We have been in this church many times and many pleasant memories were recalled as we watched people coming and going.

Our friends, Norb & Maggie, arrived and we joined them for Mass.

Our first surprise came when we noticed that the musicians were long time friends of ours. Dick & Vickie are truly special friends, from our days of involvement in TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) and Cursillo.

Vickie teaches fifth grade students in the school across the street from St Francis Church and has a clear, sweet voice as well as a talent for playing the guitar.

It was so nice to hear the music at Mass, and after the service we shared hugs with these friends as well as Bob’s parents, Dick, Sr & Barb.

Several other friends walked up to share hugs in greeting us, and that made us feel really good.

We followed our friends to “The Carriage House” restaurant for lunch.

As we sat there visiting with Norb & Maggie we heard another voice call out “Hi Ed, How are you doing?”

It was another friend from years gone by, and although I waved back and recognized the face, I couldn’t attach a name to the face to save my life.

Before we left the restaurant I went over to that table and asked the guy to refresh my memory for me. He told me his name and I instantly attached places and events to the memories of Bob & Syl.

We finally left and said “So Long” to our friends, with hugs and a promise to get together again.

Norb somehow picked up the tab for our lunch so we have to see them again to get even. LOL

Back in Hannibal, at the RV, we changed our clothes and sat down to relax. I was still yawning and Marilyn suggested I take a nap.

What a great idea!

Once again a good meal in the company of good friends to highlight the day.

No doubt about it………….Life is Good!

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