Facade of the Basilica de Guadelupe

Full view of the facade

Guard is dwarfed by a shopping mall

just across the road from the Cinema & shopping centre

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home

Housing on the other side of the tracks/road

modern art


more art

man struggling with...???


Blanc et noir God is my co-pilot

says it all really

Women in black...beware beware!

Inside Major Tom's love capsule

Major Tom's wicked sound system doof doof

Capsule thrusters supplied by the Scots!

Interesting coffee table objet d'arte

Jaguar skin as worn by a priest

disembodied heads

Wheely dog...or how to upgrade Buster

Cart before the hearse hoarse......??

terracotta action figures batteries not included!

two average Joes

Monument a la memoria y la veridad

Some of the 20000+ names of the civilians murdered by the death...

Altar in front of which Archbishop Romero was shot down

Memorial in the chapel where the Archbishop was slain

Front door of chapel through which the gunmen fired their fatal volley

Image of Archbishop Romero in Greek icon style

Have arrived snuck in with a 'Panama Hat' i got cheaply in Guatemala...though i was detained at Customs/Immigration...you know i never tire of responding to the question ..."have you anything to declare.....ala Oscar Wilde....only my genius...and then describe in detail every episode of Looney Tunes and the Invaders, Combat, The Rovers, Ivanhoe, My 3 Sons, or the Spanish version Mios Tres Hermanos! Or Dos Hombres e Medios! Photos are in my camera from my last day in San Salvador going around with a chauffeur taxi for 3 hours I covered a bit of ground....

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