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We were faced with another hot and humid day today. With that in mind we sat outdoors on the patio with our coffee, enjoying the early morning quiet and relatively cool air, before the sun appeared over the hill and began the roasting effect.

When I mentioned the early morning quiet, that also was relative because the cicadas begin their cacophony early in the morning.

This is the year for the 13 year appearance and the noise is almost deafening here in the wooded area, as they climb trees, burrow or tunnel into the branches, deposit eggs, and then die off.

The eggs hatch and the insects burrow into the ground to await another 13 year cycle.

We finished off the coffee and drove into town to Walmart.

Back at the RV Marilyn did some laundry as I made the bed, put groceries away, and then sat down to begin thinking about all the things we need to do, to begin getting our rig ready for the road.

We simply relaxed for most of the day. It was too hot to be outdoors so we sat in the living room with our laptop computers, dozing off once in a while.

We showered and dressed for an evening out at the Garth Mansion.

It was Murder Mystery Dinner night at the Mansion.

Steve & Jennifer were our guests and the four of us were guests of John & Julie who own and operate this beautiful B&B.

Steve & Jennifer met us at the Mansion shortly before 6:00 PM, as excited as we were about enjoying a wonderful evening.

The meal was good and the murder mystery took place between each course of the meal.

Each of us played a part and Steve actually played four different characters.

We had a fine time hamming it up and no one in the group guessed correctly the identity of the murderer.

After dessert we went into the kitchen to say goodbye to Julie and John.

A fine meal in the company of our kids, and the entertainment with lots of laughs all add up to another good day and memories in the memory bank.

Aahh, yes! Life is Good!

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