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The Georgia Aquarium

A Sawfish with a Whale Shark in the background

A better Whale Shark pic to show the size difference between it...

This gives a pretty good perspective of the size of the tank

Sample of the tank wall material with some details

Slept in till about 9:00 this morning so we got on the road to ATL at about 10:30. We went straight to the Georgia Aquarium near downtown and it was pretty packed. I guess that was the tradeoff for not fighting Atlanta traffic yesterday, we got the weekend crowds today.

It is a great facility – the main tank itself is probably better than most places - and we spent the majority of our time there, but they also have a bunch of side displays such as coral reefs, freshwater tanks and a cold water section with Beluga Whales and Penguins. It is supposedly one of the best aquariums in the world and I would probably agree. Just the main tank is neat enough to spend hours just watching the fish. I hope the pics come out good enough that you can see how impressive it is.

After the aquarium we went to find a place to eat and ended up at The Varsity, which is a famous hot dog place near Georgia Tech. Supposedly it is the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, but nowadays I think the drive-in part plays second fiddle to the inside restaurant. For a hot dog place it is huge and busy. We were there at about 1:30 on a Saturday and I’m guessing there were 300+ people in there eating. They had a couple dining areas and a bunch of people getting orders to go. And the food was mediocre. I really like hot dogs, and in my expert opinion, these were just OK. And they were the highlight – the fries were mushy and the onion rings were slimy so overall we were not impressed. Oh, but the Cokes were good. But now we can say we ate at The Varsity. Scratch off yet another Bucket List item.

After that we wandered through the burbs on our way back to the campground. The balance of the afternoon consisted of not much. Walked the dog a couple times, Michele did her nails, we had another campfire in the early evening heat, ate some dinner and now it's update and shower time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Sharpsburg GA to visit with my Aunt and Uncle and hopefully a couple cousins for awhile, then it will be back onto I-75 to head towards FL. We might make a couple detours, but we should be home in a couple days. Unless we really make some major detours...

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