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We had Colby with us today and the outdoor temperature reached 94 degrees.

With the hot temps in mind we took Colby to the level, paved parking lot to play with his scooter and bicycle.

All of us were soon sweating in the early morning heat and humidity, so we were back at the RV by 9:30.

It was “Play-Doh” time and that entertained Colby for awhile.

Marilyn went back outside with Colby for a short time and came back to get me. Colby wanted me to see the dump truck which was stuck and a backhoe was working to get the truck out of the mud.

That is exciting stuff for a youngster like Colby who loves machinery as much as he does.

There was also a box turtle he wanted me to see. Dan, who works here found the turtle this morning and it is an unusual color so he kept it for us to see. We have a picture to show you.

Later, while Marilyn fixed lunch, Colby decided that a pillow fight with me, in the air conditioned comfort, was better than playing outdoors.

After lunch he took a nap and that allowed time for my thoughts to turn in a different direction.

Marilyn & I are suffering from that familiar feeling we RV’ers know so well, “Hitch Itch”.

Our time here with family and friends has been enjoyable, but we are ready to get back on the road and spend the summer in the cool, low humidity environment of Colorado.

It won’t be long before it will be time to leave and we won’t get far down the road before we begin talking about how much we miss Colby and Lauren, the two adorable grandchildren. That is just the nature of life on the road.

We find ourselves sitting here sipping coffee in the mornings, while the conversation centers on our travel plans. That is part of the fun!

We enjoy so much, reading the blogs written by our friends, because it allows us to share in the day to day experiences of these good folks. Somehow we feel closer to them because of these daily, or nearly daily, journals.

With that said, dear readers, I’ll call this journal entry complete and remind you gently that…………..Life is Good!

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