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Gunzburg - Our 1st Baroque Church -1

Gunzburg - Our 1st Baroque Church -2

Gunzburg - Our 1st Baroque Church -3

Gunzburg Town Centre -1

Gunzburg Town Centre -2

Crossinr Donau at Gremheim

Kanu Club Site at Donnauworth

Under the Clubhouse for Supper

Neuburg palace Murals

Soalar Farm!

Mens' Day

Family enjoying Mens' Day at Weltenburg

Gorge at Weltenburg

Weltemburg Abbey

An Alter with a Difference

Now the Scouts are at It

Taking it easy through the Gorge

Dirty Bike and Dirty Feet

Reggensburg Bridge

Wonderful Stained Glass (not many other examples seen on trip) Regensburg Cathederal...

Luwig's Walhalla - honouring great Germans

Peaceful River

More Peace

Worth Castle

Deggendorf Bridge

Arrival in Passau

We Climbed a Hill

A Passau Church

Passau camp site at dusk - Under water last year

I have had a small problem with my handheld in that the program I use to write the Blog is now inaccessible. Not a great shame except that I had written up the main part of this section and now have to start again. Still it will be different and possibly shorter as memory has faded already. Days 33-36 May 30th – June 2nd Swinging Round Munich Had a lovely rest Things have changed, the river, the countryside and the weather. As we have moved down stream (?) the river has grown with numerous additions from the Alps and, after the dramatic gorge at Kelheim, the meeting with the Altmuhl River, which brought with it the Main-Donau Canal. We now have a major waterway with transcontinental barges moving vast cargoes to who knows where. Cycling wise the route has suffered from a considerable amount of gritty dirt track, we are used to rough track but over the past couple of days we have been on or beside very recently refurbished levies and they have used crushed limestone to surface the tracks. This means sharp stones and a lot of white powder. In the rain this turned to cream sludge - our bikes, panniers and legs were joy to behold - making for a yielding and tiring surface. Also the Danube and scenery have become less varied with a wide flat plain of cereal crops and hills to the north. That said the 1st mornings cycling to Dillingen was in lovely weather and on nice tracks. Along this bit I noticed regular signs on the river giving the countdown to the Black Sea. The 1st I noticed was 2554 - happily the sea is not our goal! We camped at Donauworth (73k), Vohburg (77k), and Bad Abbach (43k). Both Donauworth and Neuburg had very pretty centres, Ingolstadt (home to Audi) we cycled straight through. At Weltenbug we stumbled upon several hundred partying Germans - it was Ascension Day, but for most Germans it was Men's Day. This means men partying in groups; drinking beer at tables, from towed trailers, rafts etc; wearing regional or silly clothes and hats. Anyway, a change for us, at Weltenburg the river passes through a narrow and dramatic gorge so we took to the river and by ferry reached Kelheim. Then on to Kapfelberg near Bad Abbach. (43k) We are not very good tourists, always willing to be put off by the hill on which the castle, monument, or monastery stands. We have, however, been into several churches - they are nice and cool in the heat of the day. Gunzburg was impressive but Donauworth was amazing. I felt I was in a Roman Temple - the columns, triumphant alter, and statues were arresting to say the least. Regensburg's Cathedral by contrast was reassuringly homely to me. I hope the photos come out - will not be uploaded until our return. Campsites continue to be relatively scarce and also come many varied forms. At Donaworth we found our 1st Kanu Club site. It appears to be a tradition that the Kanu Club sites on the Danube offer overnight camping to trekking canoers. This has developed into a little money earner for the clubs and facilities and the location make them very attractive. We arrived in the rain and utilised the underneath of the club as our cooking and eating base - the club being on stilts against the river floods. Spent an entertaining evening with Oliver, a German psychiatrist from Berlin, on his annual 2-week cycle tour travelling barefoot with a floppy white hat! When we lunched at the entrance to the Weltenburg gorge there, opposite us, several challenging rock faces rising from the water with quite few rock climbers hard at work in the heat of the day. Clearly something had happened as 1st a paramedic van arrived on a nearby road on the opposite side. Soon there were 7 vehicles and 5 boats from various emergency services. It was quite a show and hard not to forget a possible injury and to just concentrate on the entertainment element. One thing that was very noticeable was the success of the German domestic solar power inducement scheme, many of the houses had roofs covered in panels and some farmers had houses, barns, lean-tos and other dubious constructions swathed in the stuff. No wonder they have ended the scheme, must be costing them a fortune! The section from Bad Abbach to Passau has disapeared - where to I know not. I will at a later date plagerise Sue's Diary to complete.

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