Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

Off in the Land Rover

The people counter

up the mountain

A lovely mountain spot

We walked

The valley below

At the top

A shrine- of course it's Italy!

A tail we saw from the top

A panorama from the top - it was cold up there!

Our group


The road clung to the side of the mountain

Our picnic lunch


The setting for the picnic

Pert of the "cultural experience" was going to a water warehouse

The workman brings out our water order

The restaurant where we have the cooking lesson

It was a combination cafe, boutique, restaurant and sewing school

Out side in the square by the restaurant

The kids were hanging out

Having a coffee before the lesson began

The restaurant

Entering the kitchen

Our chef begins


The preparation counter

Boiled octopus

Wrapping the prawns in proscito

The finished appetizers

The chef's son is in training

The meat course

Entry #7 May 20, 2011

At 9AM our new driver and local guide greeted us in his 4-wheel drive Land Rover. Fabrizzio is a bubbly, although cautious driver and full of the local information. We drove up and up and up the roads in a local town near our hotel and then began the switchback route up the mountain. At a government checkpoint, we reported the number of people in the Land Rover to a person who counts the people all day. There was some envy about his "job." These are some of the rugged mountains in Sardinia and over 3000 feet high. At a certain point we stopped and it was suggested we climb. Tom had developed a "Classic Journeys blister" and was unable to wear his hiking boots, so he ramble a bit and opted to take the jeep the rest of the way. The vistas were spectacular and when we reached the top, we had a commanding view before us. About halfway down the mountain, we stopped for a picnic lunch of local cheese, crisp flat bread, and sausage. The sun was bright and the day was warm. Tom found a slight incline padded with grass, put his daypack down for a pillow and took a nap on the side of the mountain. (If there is a "favorite part of the trip," mark this nap as it)!

We returned to the hotel and after a restful few hours, we were off to dinner - but this is a dinner we will help prepare! We are off to cooking lessons at Montiblu - a combination boutique, coffee shop, sewing school, and our Restaurant situated just off the square in the town. As we waited for the chef to start his lesson, we had a cappuccino and looked over the boutique. Our chef first lined up the ingredients that had been sequestered away in various refrigerators and pantries. Fresh mackerel, boiled octopus, giant prawns, prosciutto to wrap the prawns and lots of fresh greens including rocket and reddish. We were amazed at the speed of the preparation (in a restaurant, getting the food out is important!).

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