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Marilyn & I both awoke feeling tired this morning. We had a very busy day yesterday and went to bed later than usual.

We reluctantly rolled out of bed at 5:00 this morning.

We had time to share a pot of coffee before leaving to pick up the grandkids.

Both of these little ones were all smiles as soon as they saw us and we knew we would have a great time today.

About the time the kiddies finished breakfast the rain began again.

It continued to rain, off and on, for most of the day.

I needed a haircut, so Colby went with me and we headed for town.

I stopped at the Cave office to check the schedule and discovered that I was not needed today, so we were off.

We noticed one man in the barber chair and two others waiting when we went in the barber shop.

Colby and I thumbed through a hunting magazine looking at pictures of deer while waiting.

Colby also sat at a small table with a chess set while I explained the different pieces to him.

He continued to be well behaved while I was in the barber chair and soon I was freshly shorn of long hair and ready for the airport.

The airport was our next destination and Colby was soon pointing out the Pitot tube, Landing gear, propeller, wing, tail, nose and rudder of the different aircraft.

I asked permission and then opened the door and allowed Colby to go inside and look at the cockpit of the Cessna 414. It was prepared for a trip so I made Colby take his shoes off before going inside that plane.

We walked out on the ramp to look at the various aircraft parked there. As we reached the aircraft parked farthest away from the shelter of the hangar, the sky opened up and the rain came down in buckets.

At first I showed Colby how the high wing on the plane could be used like an umbrella, to keep the rain off of us, but the wind picked up and there was no shelter to be had, except the hangar which was across the ramp from us.

Colby ran while I walked fast, to reach the shelter. Our shirts were soaked by the time we headed home, to warmth and dry clothing.

We agreed that both of us had fun though. LOL

I took a shower while Marilyn fixed lunch and then Colby went down for his nap. Marilyn took Lauren for a walk in the stroller and Lauren promptly fell asleep too.

Several truckloads of Roofers came into the campground late today, set up several tents and in general appeared to be ready for a rowdy night.

I'll let you know how that comes out tomorrow.

Marilyn attended her WW meeting and lost another 1.2 pounds. She is doing her "Happy Dance".

In her world, as well as mine, Life is Good!

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