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Wow, when you live in Arizona, you kind of forget what the spring rains are like. Tomorrow will be 10 days here and it has rained every day. In fact it’s two in the afternoon and we just got another shower with the thunder booming and a little lightning. They are calling for showers tomorrow on our moving day. Hopefully it will hold off while we are getting ready to go in the morning. We are moving to Boyd Lake State Park. It will be a 270 mile drive. We will be going through Denver to get there. We have a spot reserved for 4 days.

The phone reception has been pretty spotty all week, so we haven’t spent that much time on the computers. We did go into the library in Rifle a couple of times and used their wifi. Rifle has about 9500 people. It has a Walmart, yeh. We made it there a couple of times since we got here. We finally had to replace the cable on our satellite receiver. You may remember the wind had blown it down when we were in Moab and split the cable. I finally got tired of having to jiggle it to get reception. It finally came to head when I set it up here and couldn’t find the satellite. We messed with it for quite a while. I have been having pretty good luck finding the satellite and I was sure I had it pointed in the right spot. I finally realized the cable probably wasn’t “just right”, but I had no way of knowing when it was working and when it wasn’t. By the way, Rifle also has a Radio Shack{ satellite cable }.

We finally got some sunshine and decided to go for a bike ride. We headed up the road, not knowing what the road was like. Well, it was up and down and around. It was still cold enough when we left that we had to wear jackets. When we got out of the park, we went around a hill and got out of the wind and had to start shedding clothes. We had a herd of cows watching us undress. We only made it about 1 ½ miles before pooping out and deciding to head back. We discovered it was mostly downhill on the way back, and we liked to have frozen as we raced down the hills into the wind. We got to see a couple of Kestrels in a tree right by the road. We have been seeing one on the telephone wire on our way to and from town. It’s like he has his own field that he gets his food from and doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

Sunday we found another church to try. It was a Lutheran church, Missouri Synod. Their theology is supposed to be more in line with the church that we had come from, but we found that it was a little too ritualistic for us. The sermon was right on the money though, straight from the bible; and was about not being afraid of tomorrow. We have been saved by the shed blood of Jesus. He has won the victory and we are to put our trust in Him for tomorrow and always. The pastor was addressing the graduating seniors and telling them to hang on to their faith and not let the world entice them away.

We had brunch at the same café we ate at last Sunday. They were busy again. They have great food and reasonable pricing. They have mounts on the wall of a bobcat, mountain lion, bear, trout, walleye, elk and deer. It was just a nice small town café and we really liked it. It was actually sunny when we got done and decided to go up the road to see Rifle Falls. It is only about 10 miles from our campsite. There is a trail that goes clear around and takes you over the creek where the falls empties. There are also some limestone caves you can explore. There is one that goes back in about 30 to 40 feet. When we got out of the truck we had seen someone with a flashlight, so we took one along. It’s a good thing we did, because when we got into the cave, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. We had to do some crawling and scooting, but it was kind of cool. The caves are completely dry now and we were wondering what changed and when it happened. There used to be an electrical generating plant here and you can see where they diverted some water for it. It supplied electricity for over 50 years for the town of Rifle. It’s a great spot for camping and picnics and we really enjoyed getting out and seeing it.

We drove up the road a little farther to a fish hatchery. They supply over 2 million trout each year. We spent our twenty five cents and got some fish food to feed the trout. Most were less than 10” long, but we did see a few that were a couple of pounds. It had clouded up by now and was getting cold and windy, so we headed back down the mountain. We stopped at a spot where we could pull off the road and get in the trees and out of the wind. It was beautiful! It’s a spot where the creek spills down a hill and spreads out really wide. It is lush and green. We really enjoyed this place. There was a small walk bridge that took us to the other side. The sign said this was where the water got cleansed. I would imagine the water they use for the fish hatchery gets kind of polluted.

This was our last day here and we had enjoyed the sunshine, but it clouded up and sprinkled by dinner time. We didn’t do a whole lot the last 10 days, but it was enjoyable. We got caught up with some paperwork and liked seeing the baby ducks, baby Canadian geese, hummingbirds, the Mountain Bluebirds{new for us} and the Magpies. We saw about 10 deer since we have been here. There have been a lot of boats fishing, but I don’t know if they were catching anything or not.

We both are ready to move. We have what is called “Hitch Itch” - time to go see some other parts of God’s green earth. We aren’t sure, but we think Boyd Lake State Park is located in grassland and not up in the forest. This will be a change from here, but we are looking forward to it.

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