We woke up to snow several times this month, each time is...

Even Mr. Frog is chilled !

We get a daily visit from deer

the boys antlers are about 8 inches tall

charming old ranches are nearby

This one is viewed from the 6th and 7th holes on the...

Our setup and situation, with working partners behind us.

We had a nearly full park for Memorial Day weekend, though the...

Rebecca's lovely birthday cake.

she wanted to share it with everyone coming into the clubhouse

She was able to blow out the candle.

Dave painting the rocks for the geo cache golf game

All rocks have the background paint.

Now for the lettering paint, LPGC stands for Likely Place Geo Cache

All painted up and ready for placing around the property.

Each rock is the size of your hand, they're not big and...

A sample of how they're placed, some are covered with bush or...

When found uncover the ball and write the name of the ball...

Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow mindedness.

Mark Twain

It’s been several weeks since we updated our friends and neighbors about the “goings on” with us and the summer work-camping job. Actually, we have been here one month and to tell the truth we’ve worked hard to learn our various tasks and jobs. In the beginning, Dave worked hard to get the park looking nice for opening day, May 1st and since then sprucing up many areas that were hard hit by the rugged winter. First, he mowed all the lawns, then filled squirrel holes at the golf cart bridges, painted sealant on all (60) picnic tables around the park, painted sealant on a big bridge at the driving range and then finally part of the big deck at the club house. Whew! Rebecca spent several days learning her job in the office. She has to check in RV’ers on the Campground Manager computer system, totally new to her and very user friendly. However, there are many, many particulars she had to learn to properly take reservations, log them into the system then manage the entries before and after the arrival of the guest. Then there the golf sales, check in, cart management, restaurant sales and many, many more particulars to learn about all these aspects of the club house. Double Whew!

Our working partners, Jerry & Colleen came in just about the time we were feeling a little overwhelmed and gave us a long weekend. As it turns out we have the coolest schedule, we work 5 days on, 5 days off, the 4 days on and 4 days off then the schedule repeats itself. The days we’re off are the days Jerry & Colleen work. This schedule gives us plenty of time off to go sight seeing while taking a long weekend. The management put them and their coach right behind us on the hill so we can have worker get-togethers often. They’re nice folks and we’re looking forward to having them as friends.

May, though, has not been nice to us in a weather kind of way. Only a few nice days and then storm after storm after storm has keep us ducking rain drops during the days and sweeping snow each morning after a nights worth of freezing temps. We thought we’d better check maps once again to see if in fact we hadn’t accidently gone too far north too soon. Nope, Likely is right where it’s supposed to be. Just a bunch of bad weather coming off the Pacific Ocean.

Rebecca had a birthday, Dave had ordered a ½ sheet cake, so naturally she shared the cake with anyone and everyone who came to the club house. It just happened to be Memorial Day weekend. Almost all the cake was gone by the end of the day. Happy Birthday to our dear Rebecca ! !

We had a great idea from an experience we had way back in January while in Verde Valley, AZ . And thought we would adapt to fit here. A game we’ll call, “Geo Cache Golf”. Using a GPS unit, something that almost everyone has these days, people get a sheet from the club house, enter the geo-cords into the GPS, then head out to find hidden golf balls around the golf course property and RV park. We proposed this prospect to the owners and received a quick and enthusiastic positive response. So working after hours, we set the course, gathered 20 rocks, gathered the required 20 balls, typed the geo-cord sheets, hid the balls and rocks and finally instructed staff about the game. So for the RV’er that doesn’t play golf here is something fun and interesting to do. The property is broken into 3 distinctive areas, each with 6 or more hidden balls. Participants can do one, two or all three areas at their pace, getting plenty of walking exercise and see the countryside at the same time.

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