Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

Pat holding her nose in the Cabella parking lot

We are riding out a windstorm.

We left North Platte this morning, and drove west on I80...goal was Cheyenne Wyoming. No problems as we drove along, and Pat got some work done in the back. Then we decided we would take a break. We pulled of the highway and spent an hour roaming through the Cabela's in Sydney, NE. Great place, but we had to park between two cattle can see Pat's reaction to that in the picture.

Then we got back on the highway and drove to Cheyenne. Twenty miles before we got there we started running through some ominous cloud cover, occasional rain and gusting wind. The sky was clearing as we arrived in Cheyenne, so the tall one (not the smart one) decided to run another 45 miles to Laramie (to getaway from the bad weather). 20 miles out the wind is so bad we had to pull over. We are sitting in a big truck lot with a half dozen trucks. I got out of the bus with my anemometer (doesn't everyone carry one) and it read a wind speed of 35 with consistent gusts to over 58. According to the weather radio this will last until later this evening when the gusts will only be up to 45. We ain't goin' anywhere soon.

We are at almost 7,000 feet, the temp had dropped to 42, it's now back to 55. It's really noisy in here and we are rocking around like a sack of cats.

Tomorrow will be better.

Oh, by the way....yesterday Pat said she needed a little private quality time, so she took the car and went into North Platte...she came back a couple of hours later with a new set of hiking sticks, but but apparently none of the stores had any pots or pans....

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